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Maintenance Engineer Guide to On-Demand Manufacturing

Discover how maintenance engineers can leverage on-demand manufacturing to service equipment more easily.

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In this guide, discover how companies are capitalizing on on-demand manufacturing technology to:

  • Assess more parts for on-demand production 75% faster than traditional qualification methods. 

  • Discover thousands of on-demand parts with strong economic use cases.

  • Build digital part catalogs with over 70,000 searchable parts.

  • Capture up to $20M in projected ROI by producing parts on-demand.
"Our colleagues are our eyes and ears – without them, we can’t identify parts suitable for 3D printing.

3YOURMIND gives us a simple way to interact with them.”

-Florens Lichte, Head of AM at Deutsche Bahn
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How Can On-Demand Manufacturing Help Maintenance Engineers?

With on-demand manufacturing, maintenance engineers can:
  • Alleviate part procurement headaches by identifying opportunities to produce parts on-demand.

  • Use data and visual aids to determine when equipment needs to be serviced.

  • Build digital part catalogs to produce parts in-house or through a network of approved suppliers.

  • Substantially reduce spare part production lead time from months to days.
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