Software to Optimize your Additive Manufacturing Workflows

3YOURMIND provides end-to-end am workflow optimization solutions for companies and 3D printing services. See how easy it is to streamline the way additive manufacturing happens in your business. By using our software for instant ordering, collaboration tools, production planning and order management, you will reshape how you produce.

Optimize your end-to-end additive manufacturing workflow.
Four powerful modules. One clear solution.

Additive Manufacturing Workflow Optimization

Automation and Optimization of Additive Manufacturing Workflows

It's time to optimize your additive manufacturing with automated end-to-end workflows! Using a suite of software modules designed specifically for the unique needs of AM, you can increase both the visibility of your resources and the number of successful 3D projects.

Adding a layer of software to your additive manufacturing will bring your organization into the era of on-demand, distributed manufacturing by centralizing access to in-house 3D printers and adding trusted external suppliers to a single platform.

At each stage of the process we help your organization increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process as well as how much you produce.



Our Vision

3YOURMIND is Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Software that automates, standardizes and optimizes industrial 3D printing. 

Bringing innovative software to AM divisions, CAD engineers, 3D printing providers and processing services will enable the next era of production of better machines, vehicles and products.

We are moving the world to Agile Manufacturing.

Experience how to optimize your additive manufacturing workflows in a 30-minute live demo