Agile ERP AM Workflows to Automate Ordering for Distributed Manufacturing.

Add Agility to AM Processes

The Advantage of Agile Enterprise Resource Planning

In 2018, AM was wishing for Serial AM. In 2019, the 3YOURMIND Agile ERP was powering additive growth and companies across the globe.

Ranging from service bureaus like Erpro to Initial from the Prodways Group to enterprise customers like the Volkswagen AG, AM departments are ready to scale AM. They understand that to achieve the next level of efficiency, they need to add digital automation.

With the Agile ERP, companies can automate order intake and customer management. This keeps part requirements and project communication centralized and allow engineers to focus on the most complex or high-value AM projects.


Qualify AM Orders with 3D Part Requirements

In order to align the needs of your customers, engineers and employees, it is important to collect information you need during the ordering process. With custom part requirements, you can define the production and technical specifications you need to receive during the order process to move parts quickly into production and reduce the potential for error.


Compare AM Materials and 3D Technologies

Our AM ordering system provides an instant comparison of materials and technologies based on 3D file analysis, part specifications, production selections and technical requirements. The software displays the choices for production in a single clear overview so you can optimize for speed, cost or machine utilization and maximize your AM output.


Add Accuracy to AM Order Pricing

The pricing algorithm system from 3YOURMIND has always been flexible enough to capture the nuances of our customers. Using our javascript based pricing it is possible to capture all relevant factors including material type, post-processing method, generated support material and orientation in fully customizable pricing formulas so that you can confidently accept orders 24/7.


Automate Additive Manufacturing Order Management

From digital communication streams to routine product documentation, the Agile ERP automatically generates documentation like quotations, invoices, delivery notes and shipping documents to automate repetitive tasks and keep all team members up-to-date on production.


Analyze AM Processes with Analytics

3YOURMIND offers online reporting, detailed data exports and the ability to directly integrate with external ERP systems. This enables companies to evaluate and improve their AM processes from order intake to production coordination. Improving AM output is critical to bring additive alongside conventional production processes.

Knowledge is power but data is gold.


Establish Distributed Manufacturing Networks

With the Agile Manufacturing suite, your company has a robust infrastructure that is built for enterprise production. The digital marketplace provides access to AM capacity to compare internal and external suppliers and choose based on speed, location or cost. All orders and production information is securely routed with a click.


Customer Testimonial


We appreciate 3YOURMIND´s agile approach and rapid development to adapt the platform to our needs and business model. 3YOURMIND´s platform enables automate pricing, order management and customer fulfillment which makes them a partner we can develop with as the 3D business is growing.

Tomas Lundström
3D Business Development Project Manager at PostNord Stralfors

More Success Stories

An End-to-End Software Suite for Agile Manufacturing

The companies who use 3YOURMIND’s Agile ERP are  scaling their AM business by automating order intake, adding clarity with part requirements and using distributed supplier networks. 

When AM part volume increases, the next step is to add the Agile MES for production planning efficiency and machine utilization or adding those validated parts into a digital inventory in the Agile PLM.

Add Agility to your AM Workflow