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AM Services

On-Demand Expertise to support your Additive Manufacturing

Our team of experts is ready to guide and support your team at every step of the AM workflow. Ensure your success from idea generation to CAD modeling to the execution of your additive manufacturing project.


AM Consulting


Project Execution

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At the early stages, we work with our clients to identify the specific components, projects and goals that have the highest potential for success using 3D printing. Together we develop a roadmap for future AM products and categorize the resources, individuals and processes that will make it a reality.

Ideation on 3D Printed Drone Design

Consulting that Helps Scale Additive Manufacturing

AM Services is a key ally during both the design and implementation processes. Our consultants are working exclusively on additive manufacturing projects. Your company has full access to that expertise, available at any point from idea to execution.

Our team also provides guidance on larger strategic decisions including purchasing additional 3D printers and optimizing pricing algorithms. We also host training sessions for employees to help increase knowledge and awareness of engineering, manufacturing and design.

On-Demand CAD Modeling Resources

AM Services can provide support to your in-house CAD engineers: from reverse engineering to part optimization and digital prototyping to component optimization.

Customers also benefit from the vast knowledge we’ve accrued processing 3D models for additive manufacturing. Our larger clients create ongoing work agreements to continually optimize models and augment their internal capacity.


CAD Model of Drone Prepared for 3D Printing

Start-to-Finish AM Project Execution

We understand the timeframes and intricacies of producing 3D projects. AM Services works closely with the top Additive Manufacturers in Europe and North America. Production methods and partners are carefully chosen to ensure the highest quality end product.

Our team also provides additional customization to 3D printed models, including moving mechanical parts, electrical accessories and the integration of additional production methods. AM Services ensures your projects benefit from the full potential of modern manufacturing.

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Our Unique Approach

We count some of the biggest names in manufacturing amongst our regular customers. Our unique approach means you have on-demand access to our multi-disciplinary team of experts. This level of knowledge is often the missing link that is needed to bring additive manufacturing projects to reality and to jumpstart your company's AM program.

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