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Grow your business, increase your reach and become part of a dynamic platform that aims to be on top of all trends and developments in 3D Printing solutions. If your company offers a 3D Printing service or similar, we look forward to hearing from you.

How it works

1. Tell us about your 3D Printing facility

Add your printer details, materials and payment policies during the registration. Once we confirm your details, you can then make your service “live” and can start receiving orders immediately.

2. We tell the world about you

We show your 3D Printing service in a way that's relevant to customers around the world. We also market your property on relevant websites and search engines like Google to help you sell more and increase revenue!

3. You get instant orders

All orders placed through 3YOURMIND are analyzed for printability, instantly. Then you will receive the 3D files & customer data and only need to confirm the order.


Why you should become a 3YOURMIND partner

  • Large global customer base
  • Free registration for businesses and customers
  • Printability analysis
  • Mesh Healing
  • Material specific wall thickness analysis
  • Real-time price comparison
  • Order Management
  • Optional: online payments
  • SSL-encrypted data transfer


We're proud to be a partner! The set-up was very easy and fully taken care of by 3YOURMIND. I'm grateful for our striving business relationship and my continuously growing customer base.

partner-Florian-Reichle.pngFlorian Reichel (CEO), Trinckle 3D GmbH

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