3D Network Wroclaw: How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize Industrial Production?

This was the first 3D printing meetup ever to be organized in Wrocław. The event was co-organized by the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency, responsible for investments and investors relations throughout the region, who saw the potential of connecting local companies to market leaders through 3D Printing.

“How 3D printing will revolutionize industrial production" was the topic for the industry meetup in Wrocław on April 20th, which connected leaders of top enterprises interested in 3D printing. Among the experts were EOS, Materialise and 3YOURMIND presenting their deep knowledge and experience about maximizing the technology. They presented together with Zmorph, 3dl.tech, Omni3D, Skriware and Onimo, fast growing Polish 3D startups.

This was the first 3D printing meetup ever to be organized in Wrocław. The event was co-organized by the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency, responsible for investments and investors relations throughout the region, who saw the potential of connecting local companies to market leaders through 3D Printing.


After successfully beginning the 3D Printing Networking rounds in Berlin, with the 3D Druck Netzwerk, the 3YOURMIND Wroclaw office co-organized this event to promote industrial 3D printing by inviting industry leaders to expose their views of the future of the technology, and its scope. By developing stronger collaboration among 3D printing companies, there is an immediate impact in opportunities through business collaboration.

“We see the potential of the existing 3D printing business cycle in Wroclaw, from start-ups like HBOT3D or 3dl.tech to leaders in the field like Materialise and EOS. We invited them to discuss and share their experiences with a promising set of event attendants and we certainly plan to repeat it in the near future.”
Kamelia Duczmal
Project Manager, 3YOURMIND Poland.

We find Wroclaw as a source of opportunities and potential for 3D printing, this is why we invited representatives of well-known networks in Berlin and Munich: Uli Langer (partner manager in EOS and AMV) and Stephan Kühr (CEO and co-founder of 3YOURMIND).

About the Meeting

The meeting started with Uli Langer’s presentation - partner manager at world’s leader 3D printing manufacturer EOS. He showed the importance of digitalization in shifting markets and shared his experience with using 3D technology in the design-driven and innovative integrated e-manufacturing solutions that his companies’ have been using. In a second part of his talk he discussed how his other company AMV - a company specialized in early stage technology investments, focused on industrial topics, - is bringing serial AM production to the next level.


Uli Langer, EOS, opening representation.

The following presentation was headed by  Jakub Susik from Materialise - one of the largest and most advanced 3D printing factories in the world- where processes from rapid prototyping to serial production are shifting the idea of production and how the advantages of using 3D printing both in industry and low-output production are being addressed. He exhibited his pioneering approach in incremental technology for the production of final parts.

DSCN1674.jpgJakub Susik from Materialise talking about their company.

The third opening presentation was addressed by Stephan Kühr, CEO and co-founder of 3YOURMIND - the leading Industrial 3D Printing Platform. His presentation focused on how software solutions are enabling companies to manage their processes and access internal and external industrial 3D printing resources, by automating most of the processes of 3D production. He has also shared his experience with 3YOURMIND and how they help other companies saving time and money by automating 3D data analysis and optimization, from the creation of CAD files to the production of the final 3D object.


Stephan Kühr (3YOURMIND).

Emil Najczuk from 3dl.tech shared his experience on how his group of engineers with expertise and experience on rapid prototyping technologies are counseling their clients on creating new solutions based on modern manufacturing technologies.

Following speaker was Przemek Jaworski from ZMorph - the world-renowned multifunctional 3D printer manufacturer who try to bring full spectrum of digital fabrication techniques. In his speech he focused on multicolor and multi material 3D printing and how they try to make it available for everyone with their new printer - ZMorph 2.0 SX which is one of the most advanced desktop prototyping tools.


ZMorph's stand on which they present their printer and examples, including multicolor printing.

Marek Starow was representing Omni3D - Manufacturer of industrial 3D printers in FFF (fused filament fabrication) technology, operating in Poland and abroad since 2013. The company offers consultancy services in the field of 3D printing technology deployment, maintenance, training and 3D printing in workplaces. Their customers include companies with 3D production lines, 3D service providers and design and architecture firms preparing designs for 3D production..

The next presenter was Rafał Woyda from Skriware - a young Polish-Swedish company developing a new interface for 3D printing. Skriware currently has one printer model designed for beginners. It features an attractive design, is simple to use and is integrated with the Skrimarket authoring platform - online creator and 3D model library that is ready to print with a click. Rafał gave details about their second printer model they are currently developing which will premiere in July and their robotic platform that works in conjunction with their online creation tool.

Networking meeting.

The last person to speak was Karolina Szelc from Onimo - company that is specialized in 3D mock-ups and the creation of 3D models, prototypes and small series industrial design projects for atypical interior fittings.

All guests then participated in an informal networking and a Materialise factory tour where a head engineer talked about the use of SLS technology in 3D printing used in the their factory. Our guests could see for themselves the future of additive manufacturing!

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