Metal 3D Printing at Production Speed - Interview with SPEE3D

SPEE3D is an Australian company that’s gaining significant visibility within the additive manufacturing industry for their innovative metal 3D printing technology. It is called supersonic 3D deposition (SP3D) and it is based on a technology that was originally developed for use in the military and for repair applications.

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Breaking the Barrier Between Ordinary People and 3D Printing

In an exclusive interview with 3YOURMIND, Meltwerk the Berlin based company founded in 2015 under the brand Trinckle3D, explain the reasons behind their production decisions that support their main mission, to break the barrier between ordinary people and 3D Printing.

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How Iron Man and Laika Studios are Shaking Up the Movie Industry with 3D Printing

Each year 3D Printing plays a more central role in the entertainment industry, especially for  filmmakers and effect studios. 3D printing allows these creative minds to make the “unprecedented” more quickly and more realistically than any other technology. They are the stereotypical “small batch production” centers as they are producing the visuals for a single film. So it is no wonder that 3D printing is beginning to take center stage in flim production.

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High-Performance Polymers for Apium's Industrial FFF 3D Printing

“High-performance polymers are more difficult to print but can be applied in various industrial applications in the fields of prototyping, R&D, individual parts or small batches." Apium is one of 3YOURMIND industrial 3D printing services. The company’s application researcher, Philipp Renner, provides insights into their technology, their material selection and mechanical properties in an exclusive interview. 

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Innovative 3D Solutions For Blazing Sorbets

Blazing Sorbets is unique because of their innovative formula to freeze alcohol. Their patented production process allowed them to commercialize frozen cocktails that keep the same percentage of alcohol (11%-18%) as the original one. Their packaging which was prototyped using 3D printing services on 3YOURMIND is the key component to marketing the product and maintaining the frozen cocktail.

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Meshify's Lattice Structures: The Next Generation of Lightweight Components

Meshify is a software tool which enables designs that take full advantage of 3D printing and create something that’s never been available before.

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Bio-printing, Bio-inks and the beginning of a revolution for organ donor shortage

Lutz Kloke, an expert in bio-printing and the Founder of Cellbricks, a Berlin based company, gives us an insight into the status of  technology, the legal gaps, public acceptance of the practice, and his vision for the near future.

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The International Space Station (ISS) is 3D Printing in Zero Gravity

How 3D printing technology is adapted for use in space? 
"Made In Space is working on expanding this technology to other realms of on orbit manufacturing, including the construction of large-scale structures in free space by Archinaut." 
During an exclusive interview with 3YOURMIND Made in Space's Product Strategist, Harrison Pitman gave us insight to Zero Gravity production.

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„For me there is no classical prototyping-process”

Additive manufacturing is currently on everyone’s mind. There is diverse potential and an ever increasing variety of different technologies. We sat down for a chat with 3D-printing-expert Florian Horsch about the current status of technical progress.

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"A product is not innovative, just because it is 3D printed."

The 3D printing industry these days is on everyone's lips. We talked with Arno Held, Development Manager at AM Ventures, about the advantages and disadvantages of additive manufacturing in the industry. Read more about the chances of generative production and potential business models for start-ups.

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