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Is your business taking advantage of the additive manufacturing revolution?

Do your employees understand how to integrate 3D printing into the daily workflow?

By implementing 3D printing solutions into your product development and additive manufacturing strategy, you can quickly achieve an enormous improvement in cost competitiveness, efficiency, performance and production speed.

3YOURMIND is a thought leader in industrial 3D printing techniques, 3D production process management, model optimization, material selection and professional printing services. We are also a full service provider, guiding products from concept into 3D printed component.

Forward thinking companies from every industry are turning to 3YOURMIND to guarantee that their additive manufacturing is as reliable as all their other production lines.

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CAD Model Generation

cad model generation

Our production department can build or fine-tune your models for management and ordering in the 3YOURMIND platform.

From scanning an out-of-production component, adapting models from other production methods, scanning or reverse engineering an existing objejct or to generating a 3D model from a simple sketch, our in-house team and network of industry partners will prepare your design for direct production.

Model Optimization

model optimization

Unlocking the full potential of Additive Manufacturing involves a different mindset.

3YOURMIND specializes in understanding the unique needs of industry and using 3D printing to accomplish those objectives.

We work with you to adapt existing 3D models and designs to optimize for:

  • Tensile Strength
  • Lightweighting
  • Printing Material
  • Individualization
  • and more

Start-to-Finish Service


We understand that not every business can afford to enter full-time into industrial 3D printing.

You can engage 3YOURMIND to oversee your project from concept to implementation by one of our dedicated account managers.

Printed parts can also be tested to ensure that they perform as needed. We can run endurance tests as well as salt spray tests and many more for you. After the tests are done we will provide you with a detailed test report. 

Contact us today to see how we can help your 3D printing project succeed. 

Workflow Consultation & Training

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Adapting your current production workflows to new technologies is often one of the biggest expenses companies face.

Not only does 3YOURMIND offer workflow management and a single point of access, but our team is available to train your employees to ensure that they are maximizing the opportunities afforded by additive manufacturing and the 3YOURMIND management platform.

Additive Manufacturing Basics

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You are looking forward to taking your first steps in Additive Manufacturing, but you don't really know where to start?

We do generic and industry specific starter workshops to teach you everything you need to know for a successful start. Topics range from technology overviews to how to select the right objects for 3D printing and can be selected based on your needs.

The implementation of additive manufacturing solutions into our production lines has notably increased the company's efficiency.

3YOURMIND supports us with their expert knowledge and their innovative products.

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Stefan Bähr, ContiTech Schlauch GmbH

3D models help us give a detailed impression of our products to potential customers. Involving 3YOURMIND in our work flow allowed us to both produce high-quality models and to broaden our understanding of the possibilities of 3D printing.

julia hartung siemens
Julia Hartung, Siemens AG