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We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of the digital manufacturing revolution. If you want to be part of how objects are produced over the next decade, we’d love you to join us!

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Enabling Agile Manufacturing

Until recently, there was no software to manage Industry 4.0 3D printing production processes. At 3YOURMIND we are defining the ordering systems, the machine automation, the prediction algorithms and the management logic to achieve automation.  We count some of the largest names in manufacturing as our customers - and our software is the tool they use to scale 3D printing applications in their business

Our Team

We are proud to have a team of creative, self-driven people who bring their skills and expertise to 3YOURMIND.

With 50+ employees across offices in Berlin, Munich, Paris,  New York and Detroit, we’re a continually-growing company - an international team that enjoys what we do, values our personal growth and brings our best to improve what 3YOURMIND can achieve.

We care about delivering customer focused, innovative products, and working in a healthy and fun working environment.

Our Core Values

Deliver Customer Focused, Innovative Products

Professional Internal Communication

Be Self-Driven
and Creative

Personal Growth

Team Spirit

Healthy Working Environment

Our Culture

As we grow as a company, we're proud to keep our startup culture alive! We develop friendships with one another, have an informal working environment and enjoy what we do. We’re proud to call ourselves experts in the field and focus on delivering quality work to our team, customers and stakeholders.

We genuinely believe that 3D printing is changing the world, and that we have the power to influence its future through our work. When you join our company, we expect you to bring your best ideas and expertise to improve how we work and what we deliver.

Perks & Benefits

Flexible Working Hours

Educational Support

International Environment

Healthy Office Snacks
& Club Mate

Company Offsite Events

Powerful Equipment

Office Locations


Berlin is the capital of Germany and the start-up capital of Europe. It is a city full of opportunities to meet innovators from across a variety of countries, experience exciting projects and a dynamic cultural life. 3YOURMIND’s offices are in the Innovation Center of Charlottenburg (CHIC). You will join a community of innovation with the opportunity experience classes, meetups and events with forward thinkers from a variety of industries. Our team language is English (though knowing German helps) and you will be joining an international team revolutionizing the world of 3D Printing.


Wrocław is the largest city in western Poland - the fourth-largest city in Poland. It is a European Capital of Culture located along the Oder River. Beginning in the 21st century, the city put a particular emphasis on developing a strong high-tech sector. Between 2013-2015 it became a recognized Business Engine attracting high-level companies from a variety of industries to establish themselves there. Wroclaw houses our AM Services division that handles CAD model optimization & internal and external model production and process consulting. The Polish office also includes a small programming team and sales group.


3YOURMIND has a strong customer base throughout southern Germany and opened their Munich office in 2017 to support those customers. As Germany's third largest city and has the highest standard of living as a center for technology, business, and innovation. The medieval architectural monuments throughout the city and small Bavarian towns reaching into the alpine foothills create a beautiful living space. The Munich office includes both project management and business development.


In 2018, 3YOURMIND opened their French office in the middle of Paris to serve a growing customer base. France is a worldwide manufacturing leader in the aerospace, automotive, construction and medical industries. Over the past 2 years, the number of French companies adopting industrial 3D printing as part of their production cycle has increased substantially. The Paris office includes both project management and business development for a quickly growing market with a high level of government support.

San Francisco

Since 2016, 3YOURMIND has had an office in the city by the bay. It is a world center of innovation and a natural fit for our team! San Francisco offers constant contact with startup and accelerator ecosystems and is one of the few cities where you are constantly meeting people reimagining the world. Here you can experience one of the most exciting mixtures of business, culture and natural settings that America has to offer. Our San Francisco team is expanding the presence of 3YOURMIND from Europe to the USA with a focus on project suport to existing customers and developing new business relationships.

Novi, Greater-Detroit

In 2018, 3YOURMIND moved their US headquarters to Novi, Michigan - a rapidly growing city focused on high tech research and development (R&D) as well as manufacturing for domestic & foreign automotive suppliers. The US location is close to EOS’s North American headquarters, who are creating a streamlined connection between their machines and 3YOURMIND’s Agile MES system. ‘Motor City’ is just 25 miles away, and although Detroit is in process of reinventing itself, it remains a central point for the next incarnation of the automotive industry.

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