3D Print Lyon

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Event Overview

June 5 - 7, 2018
Lyon, France
Stand A03
Alexandre Donnadieu

About 3D Print Lyon

Over 3 days, this event will as ever make the most of the massive presence of key stakeholders from major international corporations and start-ups alike, all with a stake in additive manufacturing.

A true factory will be on show, with machines and equipment in operation, for a totally immersive experience of 3D printing. As for the Congress, it will present personalities, research centres and organisations from leading countries in 3D printing, and deliver a global vision reflecting the issues surrounding these technologies.

3D Print Congress & Exhibition targets, two levels of participants on a mix-and-match basis: ultra-specialists in additive manufacturing intending to bring their knowledge up-to-date, and manufacturers who are starting to take an interest in these technologies with a view to possibly exploiting them.