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28 March 2018  |  Warsaw, Poland  |  5 PM - 10 PM 


Keep up with Industry 4.0

Explore the potential of Industry 4.0 combined with modern technologies like 3D Printing, highlighted by current, innovative use cases.

Experts will examine new technology applications, the values behind Industry 4.0, its effect on manufacturing as a whole and 3D Printing specifically. Companies who attend will get a chance to learn about interesting use cases and network with other industry leaders. 


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The broad scope of activity of these companies highlights the character of our event - a mix of technology providers coming together in order to create new relationships, and to provide an approachable opportunity for industrial companies to learn about and integrate innovative solutions.


5.00 PM: Guest registration
5.30 PM: Opening of the meetup – NUCLEI and 3YOURMIND
5.40 PM: Paweł Zakrzewski, GE Aviation / EDC
5.55 PM: Krzysztof Nowak, 3D Center
6.05 PM: Marcin Szymański, VSHAPER
6.15 PM: Wojciech Sakowski, Evatronix
6.25 PM: Adam Komarnicki, Elmodis
6.35 PM: Tomasz Weis, Bibus Menos
6.45 PM: Mariusz Benna, VIX Automation
6.55 PM: Q&A
7.00 - 10.00 PM: networking session & refreshments


Event details

Location: Warsaw Spire, Warsaw, plac Europejski 1
Date: 28 March 2018, from 5 to 10 PM

  • Free entrance, fingerfood and drinks 
  • This is a limited event aimed at businesses and requires prior sign up
  • Registration closes on 23.03.2018
  • Presentations and talks will be conducted in English 
  • Please contact kd@3yourmind.com with any questions regarding the 4.0 Tech Meetup

Event Organizers

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