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Boost your Architectural Practice and win competitions with stunning 3D Printed visual models, custom designed components and faster design iterations.

Modern architecture is a cross-disciplinary exercise - it integrates not only the physical walls, but also the internal spatial design, movement flows, environmental integration, the impact on the community and becoming part of a visual landscape. New materials and construction techniques enable forms and structures that were dreams just a few decades ago.

All this puts an increasing premium on the visual model to guide the discussions and ensure that the concept from the design architect is clearly translate to the build architect, building owners and the community.

3D printing enables the complex forms and detailed structures of modern architecture to be produced efficiently and accurately for impeccable presentation.


With 3D printing, you can build very complex and filigree working models at an early stage of your project.

They turn out to be very precise and stable and 3YOURMIND helps significantly speed up that process.

Florian Matzker (Architect),
O & O Baukunst mbH

Architectural 3D Model of Skyscraper

Guarantee successful prints of detail-rich 3D models from professional 3D print services.

Use the specific materials that convey the emotional impact of your design.

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Direct 3D Integration with Revit and Other CAD Systems

A single click will verify, prepare and order your 3D CAD model direct from Rhino, Revit, SketchUp, VectorWorks and other leading CAD software.

Instantly compare price and delivery times to meet deadlines with professional results.

3D Printed Architectural Model of Grunderhaus in Berlin

3D Printed Corporate Architecture - Leonardo Glass Cube

Leonardo Glass Cube in Bad Driburg, Germany
Image Source:
Emanuel Raab

Use 3D printing to create multiple 3D models and convey diverse potential with minimal effort.

Use small batch manufacturing to enable new forms and structures that expand design possibilities.

3D Printed Strutural Casing for Architecture by Adrian Priestman

Model of Structural Casing for 3D Printing with Laser Sintering
(photo from Adrian Priestman)

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