Webinar Replay: Find the Most Valuable AM Parts for Production

AM Webinar Session #1.3

Jakub Karkocha | April 2, 2020 | 1 min read

Most companies still struggle to build a collection of parts that are suitable additive manufacturing. Our experience over the years is that only one in one hundred 100 parts in the average inventory are good additive manufacturing use cases. The problem is there is no efficient way to find those parts. Evaluating that many parts manually erases the majority of the savings from switching to additive manufacturing - if someone takes the time to even look.

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The topic for today would be how to identify the parts, for AM use cases and the componenty. And the presentation is prepared to show the process that we as 3YOURMIND are offering to our customers now, but it's not only the process, we want to talk about the whole problem of identifying parts, why we have to do it and why it's problematic sometimes with our approaches, which we are offering to our customers and then how it's working. I have some use cases also prepared. And at the end I would like to do a short demo of the software itself and just to show you, how it looks like.
But I believe that the webinar will be the best, if we can also talk about the real-life examples from your company. So if you have some problems you would like to implement in your components, maybe you have an idea of some parts of that you're promising in AM. I see that we really have a quite wide range of companies right now in the webinar, we are very happy about that.
I believe that we're going to have also a very good discussion. I will also sometimes ask questions during the webinar; I hope that you can also answer them.
Please treat this presentation also as fuel to discuss something.

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