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How to unlock the potential of your 3D printing service bureau and skyrocket your business

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With the rise of additive manufacturing comes a demand from those who want to use the technology but don't know where to start or don't want to invest in the necessary machinery. 3D printing service bureaus (also known as AM service providers, job shops, or contract manufacturers, among other terms), are the answer to this problem. They provide a critical need as they produce 3D parts on behalf of their customers, usually operating at several locations worldwide. And they are becoming increasingly popular. 

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5 Problems for 3D Services to Remain Competitive

In addition to adaptability, being able to foresee change is one of the keys to staying competitive in business. The innovative firms that are providing 3D Printing are part of the 10% of companies serving as digital champions in manufacturing.

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Allocating Your Time to the Right Customers

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Additive Manufacturing technology has been proven to have the highest impact at industrial levels. In this growing industrial 3D printing network services need to identify the right clients to remain competitive, especially as more companies want a piece of the pie.

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Printing Services Overcoming Manual Quoting

Capturing the growing demand in a complex market like 3D printing is always challenging. The different issues of each customer are evident in processes that demand high precision and expertise. Meeting incoming customer requests is not yet a problem, but how will you adapt as your demand triples in the next 1-2 years?

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Toom Uses 3YOURMIND to Offer 3D Printing for Home Improvement

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Toom is now providing their consumers with access to next generation 3D production.Customers can directly order 3D prints or upload a 2D file that will be modeled for them by a professional 3D service. In a few clicks, 3D orders can be placed on the platform to be picked up on the next visit to Toom!

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Breaking the 3D Printing Barrier for the Ordinary


In an exclusive interview with 3YOURMIND, Meltwerk the Berlin based company founded in 2015 under the brand Trinckle3D, explain the reasons behind their production decisions that support their main mission, to break the barrier between ordinary people and 3D Printing.

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Polymers for Apium's FFF 3D Printing


“High-performance polymers are more difficult to print but can be applied in various industrial applications in the fields of prototyping, R&D, individual parts or small batches." Apium is one of 3YOURMIND industrial 3D printing services. The company’s application researcher, Philipp Renner, provides insights into their technology, their material selection and mechanical properties in an exclusive interview. 

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