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Topic: Agile Manufacturing

Agile Manufacturing Execution System: Direct Integration with AM Ordering

Press Release

Unlike other MES, this one was developed to manage the scheduling and prioritization of parts, and will significantly improve the digital management of AM Production. PRESS RELEASE NOVEMBER 7th, 2018 3YOURMIND, BERLIN.  3YOURMIND presents a new product, the only AM software that automatically recommends production schedules based on ordered parts New Agile Manufacturing Execution System launches with two initial core features: Smart Part Prioritization and Agile Production Scheduling The EOS Benchmark Production Team confirmed to be one of the participants of the Agile-MES pilot program Machine connection is already being developed as part of 3YOURMIND’s 2019 Product Roadmap 3YOURMIND is presenting at formnext 2018, their product suite to bring customers further into Agile Manufacturing.

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How to Manufacture Using the Amazon Model

Over the past decade, the primary business models in almost every industry have been shifted by digitization. The companies that leveraged this shift and used software systems to harness, evaluate and process data have taken over economic leadership in the Platform Era. These are the leaders of the digital economy - Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook. The harnessing, processing and sorting of data has overtaken the production of goods in terms of the total economic value... at least for now.

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