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CIPRES revolutionizes their order management with 3YOURMIND

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Due to changes in market requirements, CIPRES was only just managing to deal with the number of inquiries and with preparing and sending out quotes via email. Price calculations, communicating with customers when requirements changed, order placement, planning production, preparing production plans, and facilitating communication between production units all required a lot of time and meant high costs. This is why CIPRES decided to look for a partner to support them in overcoming the challenges posed by digitizing their processes.

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ZIGGZAGG chooses 3YOURMIND to strengthen its leadership position with full workflow automation

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Ziggzagg, a leading 3D printing service bureau located in Belgium has chosen 3YOURMIND to develop a fully automated workflow tailored to its specific needs. The company invested in 10 HP machines and produces orders that encompass as many as 200,000 parts. Thanks to 3YOURMIND, they have managed to fully automate their processes, reducing error and allowing for more time with their customers.

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3YOURMIND collaborates with Accenture to lay the foundation for a smart factory through machine connectivity

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Berlin, Germany, September 28, 2021 - Distributed manufacturing as a solution for supply chain disruption is at the heart of the post-pandemic debate. This model involves a digital network of decentralized manufacturing sites spread across multiple locations and connected by digital technology. This model leverages the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to drive digital transformation forward. Industrial IoT uses a network of apps or sensors to collect production data from machines and push it into software to turn that data into valuable information about the efficiency of manufacturing operations. When it comes to 3D printing, machine connectivity is at the forefront of IIoT. It enables the transfer of data across globally connected manufacturing networks. 

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3YOURMIND Joins Forces with Carbon to Optimize AM Value Chain

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The new collaboration between Carbon and 3YOURMIND is a major step forward in optimizing the entire AM value chain. 3YOURMIND is excited to announce their partnership with Carbon®, a leading 3D printing technology company. In the AM market, machines will become a crucial commodity over the next few decades, and software will provide the critical competitive edge that helps companies innovate in the design and production space. As manufacturers expand their adoption of IoT (Internet of Things), they must consider back-end machine connectivity platforms and implement workflow solutions that track, monitor, and standardize production. 

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3YOURMIND helps enable secure and on-demand distributed manufacturing network for the US Navy

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3YOURMIND has been awarded a contract by NIWC Pacific to implement Agile ERP and MES software platforms with Machine Connectivity to enable a globally distributed manufacturing network.

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How to harness the power of 3D printing in the medical sector


Allied Market Research estimates that the global 3D printing healthcare market is expected to generate $3.69 billion by 2026, representing a compound annual growth rate of 18.2%. Encompassing a wide range of applications that include medical device development, personalized patient care and research purposes, this is a significant increase compared to the $972.6 million registered in 2018. COVID-19 showcased the true value of on-demand manufacturing when non-healthcare OEM’s across the globe repurposed their fleets of 3D printers to produce personal protection equipment (PPE), NP swabs and other devices used to combat the virus. Although the power of agile manufacturing was on full display in 2020, 3D printing is a well-established technology and has been used by countless medical companies and research institutes for decades. 

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3YOURMIND’s Agile ERP & MES 4.0

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Our global economy is transitioning, supply chains are adapting and it’s more important than ever to understand the shifts to that landscape. The satisfaction and success of our customers remains at the heart of our development strategy. This new version of our software is the result of a long work in connection with the opinions of our customers and their main needs, i.e. to produce more in less time, by making the ordering of 3D parts  faster and more intuitive. This is an impactful milestone that will enable our customers to speed up their product development lifecycle. In addition, loading time decreased up to 50%, for uploads, orders, and mass production scheduling. The improved performance, better usability, and addition of key functionalities empower enterprises to maximize their additive manufacturing potential. Overall, the software is now easier to maintain and scale to more customers with bigger volumes. In three words: Simplicity, Speed, Scalability.

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Webinar Replay: Synchronizing Production with Ultimaker Machine Connectivity

At formnext 2019, 3YOURMIND displayed running machine connectivity with ultimaker machines. Over the past years ultimaker has been an increasingly interesting player for producing jigs, tooling and assembly aids. Brian Crotty, Marketing Manager at 3YOURMIND will show how simple the connectivity is to configure, the types of information that can be received from the machines and what direct advantages that transparency provides to distributed production.

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3YOURMIND Customer Success Stories from 2019

Blog Customer Story

At Formnext 2018 our team spoke about the arrival of serial additive manufacturing. This significant shift in the AM industry was a big impetus for 3YOURMIND to develop our Agile MES - a software module that is able to manage a far greater volume of additive manufactured parts.

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Software to Track AM Quality Control and Production

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The industrial 3D printing and post-production of high-quality, end-use parts requires certified documentation. For safety-critical industries like automotive and aerospace, required QA documentation is lengthy and time consuming. 3YOURMIND has added features to their Agile MES that increase transparency and provide a thorough digital documentation trail for the entire AM production workflow.

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