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Phillips Corporation and 3YOURMIND Partner to Improve Warfighter Innovation

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Phillips Corporation announces partnership with 3YOURMIND to identify AM-ready parts to address the US Government’s strategic initiative to increase warfighter innovation and battlefield readiness.

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Expert interview: Deutsche Bahn’s head of AM shares his post-Covid vision


The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has caused a general downturn and the transportation industry has not been spared. DB, as an early adopter of additive manufacturing, has already showcased some AM success stories. We speak with DB’s head of AM, Florens Lichte, on how Deutsche Bahn got involved into the response efforts to the coronavirus crisis and how he sees the future of additive manufacturing in the post-covid era. 

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Webinar Replay: Find the Most Valuable AM Parts for Production

Most companies still struggle to build a collection of parts that are suitable additive manufacturing. Our experience over the years is that only one in one hundred 100 parts in the average inventory are good additive manufacturing use cases. The problem is there is no efficient way to find those parts. Evaluating that many parts manually erases the majority of the savings from switching to additive manufacturing - if someone takes the time to even look.

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3YOURMIND Customer Success Stories from 2019

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At Formnext 2018 our team spoke about the arrival of serial additive manufacturing. This significant shift in the AM industry was a big impetus for 3YOURMIND to develop our Agile MES - a software module that is able to manage a far greater volume of additive manufactured parts.

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When To Switch to Additive Manufacturing


The emergence of new technologies makes for exciting times. Granted, additive manufacturing is hardly new, but ‘rapid prototyping’ as it was once known is now such an inadequate term it’s laughable. With recent partnerships like Adidas & Carbon and Erpro & Chanel opening the floodgates of genuine serial production, AM’s role as a profitable technology for mass-produced finished parts and direct-to-market products is irrefutable.

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Hola desde España. 3YOURMIND@3DFactory Incubator

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3YOURMIND recognizes Spain as an increasingly important economy for additive manufacturing capacity. The AM workflow software company has added ADDvance as an official partner and software distributor for the Spanish market to serve the companies there locally. The core 3YOURMIND team will also be partially located at the 3DFactory Incubator in Barcelona led by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona and Fundación Leitat, who will help make key introductions into the Spanish market. 3YOURMIND is positioning themselves as the go-to software for Spain’s growth in high-tech manufacturing.

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AMPI: Custom Reports and Technology Recommendations

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As 3YOURMIND’s AM Part Identifier adds customers and use cases, they have added two new features to improve the output results. Custom Reports provides much finer data sorting to target the algorithms on specific business case applications. Technology Recommendations provides pre-set algorithms to analyze AM use cases for specific technology applications. These developments were strongly influenced by their work with Bosch Industrial Additive Manufacturing and GEFERTEC. This release provides key improvements to increase the accuracy and usability of the AMPI module.

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€1.3 Million in Funding to enhance Industrial 3D Printing Software with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Press Release

The investment bank of Berlin has awarded 3YOURMIND €1.3 million in Pro FIT funding, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Since 2014, 3YOURMIND software has been optimizing the industrial 3D printing (additive manufacturing) value chain for leading manufacturers in the US and Europe. This funding will be used to extend machine learning applications throughout their software suite.

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3YOURMIND To Attend TCT Show 2018

Product Update Press Release

The company’s leadership in streamlining processes for Additive Manufacturing takes center stage at the TCT Show in Birmingham with the re-launching of their AM Part Identifier. The new features empower companies to increase the number of parts allocated to additive manufacturing. By enabling instant economic recommendations, decision makers can quickly identify the right business cases for their company.

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