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Metal 3D Printing on the Rise Part 2: Healthcare and Architecture Industries

In our previous post we discussed the current use cases of metal 3D printing in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries, and the growth that metal AM technologies are bringing into these sectors. This post focuses on healthcare and architecture, the other two industries that are being fundamentally changed by the adoption of metal AM.

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Optimizing your 3D Printing Workflow for Medical & Dental

How to combine existing and innovating technology to improve quality, and reduce costs of medical supplies. Medical costs are one of the major problems that societies face, especially in countries with aging populations.  One of the biggest cost considerations for medical and dental solutions is producing small batch custom parts that are adjusted to patient's unique body form. 

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How AthenaDiaX uses 3YOURMIND for fast, inexpensive wearables prototyping

As medical and sensing technologies become more accessible and more inexpensive, firms like AthenaDiaX are able to quickly implement wearable sensors into diagnostic devices for clinical trials. 3D Printing plays a key role in speeding up the process of making that data accessible. 3YOURMIND’s platform allows a streamlined workflow to have prototype and small-batch devices printed by professional vendors. The time which used to be spent on project management and production oversight can now be applied directly to development and implementation.

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