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How will the umati standard influence additive manufacturing?


Additive manufacturing technologies and materials have made significant progress over the past several years - but even the top production houses still handle the majority of their scheduling and quality control using manual processes. This is because of the complexity of the work, the lack of best practices and the development of independent machine data systems. We know from other industries (USB, CDs, paper sizes) once those standards are in place and in use - a whole host of other processes simplify and production costs drop. The same will be true for additive manufacturing machines - the easier it is to exchange and share information, the more efficient they are. Companies across all industries involved in production are requesting a universal machine interface to ensure clear data collection, streamlined communication channels and control of different machine types. Umati enables machine vendors to provide a connectivity interface to easily connect to customer-specific software solutions.

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Updated Integration for Solid Edge ST9 for Siemens PLM software

We at 3YOURMIND are always looking to expand our range of 3D printing software applications. We are happy to announce a new free integration for Solid Edge® ST9 software, the mainstream computer-aided design (CAD) solution from Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software business. The 3YOURMIND plugin for Solid Edge ST9 can help users correct and optimize their CAD data for 3D printing, as well as compare and choose from many printing services providers, with just a single click.

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3YOURMIND Releases New Plugin for Onshape Inc.

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Now, Onshape users can repair 3D files, analyze and optimize for 3D printing with one click.

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