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Integrating Functional Design into 3D Printing for Prototypes - Part 2

 The more cost effective the prototyping process is, the more and easier it can be to implement it into the design process. 3D printing will become a crucial factor in increasing the rate of innovation, and those companies that master the use pre-assembly for prototyping will have a clear advantage.

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Integrating Functional Design into 3D Printing for Prototypes

Functional design is a simple concept that has large implications when combined with 3D printing. The goal is to simply design modularly so that each individual component serves a specific, individual function. It is very similar to many agile practices that are used in programming and management to ensure that all development goals are in small manageable pieces with potential to test and receive feedback quickly.

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Innovative 3D Solutions For Blazing Sorbets


Blazing Sorbets is unique because of their innovative formula to freeze alcohol. Their patented production process allowed them to commercialize frozen cocktails that keep the same percentage of alcohol (11%-18%) as the original one. Their packaging which was prototyped using 3D printing services on 3YOURMIND is the key component to marketing the product and maintaining the frozen cocktail.

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IoT + 3D Printing = Mass Customization

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents an opportunity for objects to learn from us and become responsive to our needs in the moment. But that data can also affect the design of the next generation products around us. Companies can provide mass customization using 3D printing as the driving technology.

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