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Webinar Replay: How will Erpro optimize AM production for 17 million parts?

One of the most visible serial applications in additive manufacturing is Erpro Group’s 3D Factory who have produced more than 17 million 3D printed mascara brushes for Chanel. In 2020, they plan to double or triple the number of serial production lines they run - but without significantly increasing manpower. To hit that goal, they are putting tools in place to optimize their production lines. Most important will be reducing the number of manual steps and moving to a digital, paperless workflow.

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Is Serial Additive Manufacturing Taking Off?


Over the past few years, there has been a shift in how engineers approach Additive Manufacturing. Initially, the technology was focused on rapid prototyping, creating parts for testing and design iteration. But in the last five years, engineers across the world have started to focus on suitable applications for end-use goods and reaching the full potential of additive manufacturing. Medicine, aerospace, automotive, logistics, consumer goods - in every industry there are hundreds of potential products and the question is: Which products can be moved to serial additive manufacturing?

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