Solving the challenges of the AM industry

  • Two third AM companies rank use-case identification as their main challenge
  • Repeatability and transparency of processes is still a major blocker for AM scalability
  • More than 50% of AM production workflows still need to be automated


How can we help you?

We are providing the only digital thread to identify AM use-cases and scale production across your value chain. 

With our unique end-to-end enterprise-ready workflow, we help industrial leaders to
  • Identify large-scale AM use-cases
  • Digitize their parts inventories
  • Implement competitive distributed manufacturing models

We believe these are the keys to accelerating the success of your additive manufacturing journey. Let's dive in.

Digital Qualified Inventory

  • This is your solution if you need to digitally store and qualify AM parts, to identify AM parts in your portfolio to coordinate orders from a catalog. 
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Distributed Manufacturing

  • This is your solution if you need to manage orders, production, machine monitoring and suppliers in a decentralized environment while driving the business remotely.
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Our Agile Manufacturing Software Suite

  • We provide powerful software products (Agile PLM, Agile ERP and Agile MES) for each stage of AM production. It is available in modules that scale.
Our technical approach

Meet our team

Alexandre Donnadieu-Deray

Managing Director - Expert in the aerospace, defense, automotive, energy and utility industries

William Cuervo

Sr Business Development Manager - Expert in the aerospace, defense and automotive industries

Brooks Budelis

Sales Engineer - Expert in the energy and utilities, consumer goods and medical industries


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What makes us unique?

  • We offer full data continuity from parts innovation to post-processing
  • We provide a unique technology for parts identification at scale
  • Our collaborative qualified digital inventory is the most advanced in the market
  • Our software is designed for distributed manufacturing for AM, CNC and Molding
  • Beyond technology our customer success approach is designed toward operations excellence
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