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COVID Response

Bringing 3D Printed Parts to Hospitals and Medical Centers

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Daily, the 3D printing community is offering new design solutions and rapid production to contribute to containing the spread of COVID-19. With new part files being released daily and a lack of transparency about available production, COVID>>>response was launched.

The platform includes 3 key parts; a digital inventory of 3D parts that have been culled and minimize risk for doctor who choose to use them, a submission system for new parts that will evaluate for potential use and an ordering platform to match hospitals, clinics, suppliers of medical equipment with 3D printing services and additive manufacturing departments in OEMs who have offered to allocate their production for medical goods.


Software Tools for Covid >>> Response


Assessing 3D Parts for the Response Effort

Across the world, there is also an open question about what parts are suited for 3D printing to support hospitals and what parts cause more harm than good.

As part of covid>>>response, we have established a part submission system for parts that could provide potential benefit to be submitted to a common platform.  We have identified partners who will help to assess the risk and potential of those parts and join the communication chain in developing the part for production.

Do you have a part that could help the effort? Setup an account at: https://ampi-wirvsvirus.3yourmind.com/


Digital Inventory of Culled 3D Files

At the end of the day, in critical situations the doctors in hospitals, medical institutions and clinics at the front lines of response choose what equipment they trust to help save lives. But in this fast-response environment, the covid>>>response team is gathering 3D files that have either:

  • Been used on humans by a doctor somewhere
  • Have been validated by a certification institution for a particular country
  • Are in process of certification and testing
  • Were prepared by machine manufacturers for the response effort

This collection of parts is intended to help minimize risk and speed up response time for doctors by collecting information. At the end of the day, the final agreement will still be made by the medical team, the patient and the volunteer services that have joined covid>>>response.

If you are a medical institution that would like to request access to the digital inventory, email our team.


Industrial 3D Printing Services Supporting COVID-19 Response

As of March 31st, 2020 over forty industrial 3D printing services and additive manufacturing departments from OEMs have opened up access to their production resources over the covid>>>response platform.

The platform access is limited to hospitals, medical clinics and support organizations to ensure that supplies are moved directly from production to sources of need. Volunteers are reaching out to small and medium sized medical institutions to ensure that they can also receive access 3D printing production.

If you are a 3D printing service or AM service from an OEM that would like to offer your services, please reach out to our team.


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