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Company Overview

From Startup to Standard in Additive Manufacturing

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When 3YOURMIND was founded 2014, the goal was to provide widespread access to additive manufacturing. They added enterprise customers like Siemens Energy, DB and Volkswagen in the first years. This allowed them to directly tap the needs of enterprise production and build a software that is prepared for the future of manufacturing. As of 2020, the Agile Manufacturing Software Suite provides modules that optimize AM workflows along the entire value chain. This provides their customers with transparency and scale to help the entire industry.

But the goal is larger, the goal is control and automation. This is why the 3YOURMIND team participates in workgroups around the globe to define standards for additive manufacturing and build software that can serve as the manufacturing infrastructure. 3YOURMIND is moving the world towards Agile Manufacturing.


The Vision of Agile Manufacturing

3YOURMIND is standardizing, optimizing,
controlling and automating AM-processes.
This is Agile Manufacturing.


Our Team

3YOURMIND is headquartered in Berlin, the startup capital of Europe. The office houses, the programming, project management, customer success, marketing and sales teams are in Berlin. Since 2017, we have additional business and project management offices in Paris, Munich, Novi, MI and San Francisco. The team of 65+ people includes experts with years of experience in the additive manufacturing industry alongside young, innovative talents. Our employees come to us from around the world to be engaged in our creative and open company culture.

Careers at 3YOURMIND

Management team

3YOURMIND has become recognized among the leading experts in the field of additive manufacturing. In just a few years, their AM workflow management software is streamlining processes at top manufacturing companies around the world.

Aleksander Ciszek

Founder, CEO

After decades spent as a tool for prototyping, 3D printing has now come of age as its focus shifts to series production. 3YOURMIND software is driving this technological push, expanding the potential of additive manufacturing worldwide.


Stephan Kuehr

Founder, CEO

Industrial 3D printing applications have moved from prototypes to functional products. To lead this revolution in manufacturing, we need to optimize, automate and connect processes.


Bas de Jong

Chief Commercial Officer, CCO

Software will be the enabler that paves the way for on-demand manufacturing. Application identification and workflow optimization are critical to scaling up. 


Felix Bauer

Chief Technology Officer, CTO

3YOURMIND's software was developed for a specific set of requirements emerging from the additive manufacturing industry. The features usher in a new and forward thinking methodology essential to the success of the next generation of additive production.


Alexandre Donnadieu-Deray

Managing Director, North America

The US has embraced additive manufacturing with the enthusiasm and ingenuity. 3YOURMIND is focusing on serving North America because using software to establish a new level of optimization and automation will ensure that the country maintains its status as a global leader of manufacturing.


Stephan Galozy

Senior Vice President Customer Success

Software alone will not solve problems. You need the right people with the right knowledge to setup the processes, that will run your production efficiently and prepare your AM to scale.


Company History

  • 2014 LAUNCH: Order Management (Agile ERP)
    3YOURMIND launches its online 3D ordering marketplace.

  • 2015: Seed Investment Round
    AM Ventures leads round. Client list includes Siemens Energy, Deutsche Bahn and Continental.

  • 2016 LAUNCH: AM Part Identifier (Agile PLM)
    Identify AM business cases from employee submissions or from ERP/PLM databases.
    US Office opens.
  • 2017: Series A Investment Round
    Unternehmertum Venture Capital leads $12M round to fuel expansion throughout Europe and the US. Offices open in Munich and Paris.
  • 2018 LAUNCH: Agile MES
    Data-driven production floor automation arrives. Software to add transparency and speed up production information flow.
  • 2019 LAUNCH: Machine Connectivity
    Real-time data connections with leading machine manufacturers (EOS, Ultimaker, SLM) to the umati machine tool standard.
  • 2020: Series A+ Investment
    EnBW New Ventures (ENV), the venture unit of a key player in the European energy and infrastructure industry, along with 3YOURMIND´s existing investors UVC Partners, AM Ventures, TRUMPF Venture and coparion, invests $5.5M USD in 3YOURMIND. 

Strong Partnerships for Industry Standards

3YOURMIND believes that the only correct way to push “additive” into manufacturing is by creating industry-wide standards. 3YOURMIND is driving this work in leading organizations to develop those standards.

Our Partners
umatidin mobility-goes-additive vdma amug america-makes

Strategic Investors, Early Adopters

In the 2015 SEED investment round, 3YOURMIND joined the AM Ventures Ecosystem, the investment arm of EOS. This not only connected the company with the entire industrial 3D printing production chain, it also placed them in near contact to leading AM producers in the high-tech manufacturing leader, Germany. The strategic investors and early customers Deutsche Bahn, Siemens and Continental also gave the company a look at Enterprise AM processes that are deep in the programming DNA of the company.

In 2017, 3YOURMIND closed their Series A round which put speed behind the development of the company and added the additional strategic investor Trumpf Ventures. Their customer list includes many of the most forward-thinking OEM producers who all contribute their knowledge directly into the workflow solutions programmed by 3YOURMIND. By working with the top producers and early adopters, they are ensuring that their software is built to solve the coming wave of additive manufacturing with solutions that are tried and tested.


Awards and Recognition


2016 - Formnext Start-up Challenge

Formnext is an International exhibition and conference to shape next generation of manufacturing technologies, taking place in Frankfurt am Main. Their startup challenge was conducted in partnership with the 3D-Printing Cluster, an interdisciplinary network of actors relating to industrial 3D-Printing. 3YOURMIND was selected because they combine strategic thinking and technological expertise in additive manufacturing for today’s industry 4.0. Their software packages are being used by DAX 30 businesses, leading 3D print service providers and businesses around the world. 

2016 - German Innovation Prize

The Berlin based 3YOURMIND GmbH was awarded the 2016 German Innovation prize in the start-up category, competing against a large number of competitors. 3YOURMIND convinced the high-caliber competition jury with its internet based platform to allows companies to automate the optimization of 3D models for production and instantly compare cost and delivery options from professional 3D printing service providers.


2015 - Germany “Land of Ideas”

The 3YOURMIND GmbH, with their concept "3D printing service for industry and architecture" was one of the 2015 award winners for the Germany-wide Innovation Competition for "Recognized Excellent Locations in the Land of Ideas". 3YOURMIND placed their 3D printing software as a key tool for simplifying industrial production and distributed commerce for "City, Country, Network! Innovations for a digital world".

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