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3YOURMIND is an on-demand manufacturing software that empowers companies to identify and produce parts when needed. OEMs, operating companies, and contract manufacturers can create digital inventories of qualified parts to reduce costs, shorten production lead times, and secure more efficient and agile operations.

3YOURMIND addresses companies' current needs to produce spare parts quickly while enabling advanced manufacturing technologies and data-driven decision-making to create new parts faster, lighter, and with cost-saving potential.

With 3YOURMIND's easy-to-use, continuous data platform, manufacturers can communicate and distribute production jobs to approved suppliers. Companies increase fleet availability and reliability, enabling more resilient supply chains and reducing operations and overstock costs.

2022 3YOURMIND - digital inventory of parts

Our Team

3YOURMIND has access to an exciting talent, tech, and finance network across our offices in Europe and North America. Following several years of expansive growth, 3YOURMIND launched an office in Novi, Michigan, to address the burgeoning sales and project management needs of our U.S.-based customers. Our Berlin office, located in the heart of Kreuzberg, is home to our programming, project management, customer success, marketing, and sales teams. 

The 3YOURMIND team comprises of manufacturing experts with years of experience and young, innovative talent. Our employees come to us from around the world to be engaged in our creative and open company culture.

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Leadership Team

3YOURMIND has become a recognized name for streamlining and digitally transforming on-demand production processes at top manufacturing companies worldwide.

Aleksander Ciszek

CEO & Founder


Alexandre Donnadieu-Deray

Chief Commercial Officer


Felix Bauer



Stephan Galozy

Chief Product Officer


William Cuervo

Vice President of Sales, North America

Stephan Kühr



Our Story

    • 2014 LAUNCH: Order Management
      3YOURMIND launches its online 3D ordering marketplace. 

    • 2015: Seed Investment Round
      AM Ventures leads round. The client list includes Siemens Energy, Deutsche Bahn, and Continental.

    • 2016 LAUNCH: AM Part Identifier 
      Identify additive manufacturing business cases from employee submissions or from order management and part identification databases. US Office opens.

    • 2017: Series A Investment Round
      Unternehmertum Venture Capital leads $12M round to fuel expansion throughout Europe and the US. Offices open in Munich and Paris. 

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  • 2018 LAUNCH: 
    Release of a data-driven production management solution to add transparency and speed up production information flow.

  • 2019 LAUNCH: Machine Connectivity
    Real-time data connections with leading machine manufacturers (EOS, Ultimaker, SLM) to the umati machine tool standard.

  • 2020: Series A+ Investment
    EnBW New Ventures (ENV), the venture unit of a key player in the European energy and infrastructure industry, along with 3YOURMIND´s existing investors UVC Partners, AM Ventures, TRUMPF Venture, and coparion, invests $5.5M USD in 3YOURMIND. 

  • 2022 LAUNCH: Software for On-Demand Manufacturing
    3YOURMIND expands its product offering to serve additive manufacturing and traditional manufacturing industries transitioning to on-demand operations. 

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