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Scalable On-Demand Manufacturing Solutions Tailored to Your Business

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3YOURMIND is Scalable to Suit Your Needs

At 3YOURMIND, we take pride in our customizable software and open APIs that connect hardware and software in a single platform.

We firmly believe in creating customizable solutions that meet your unique business needs. Request a quote to get started today.

Our API Integrations Adapt to Your Workflow

Stop jumping between software tools.

3YOURMIND's open APIs connect software and hardware to increase data accessibility and streamline workflows within one platform.

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On-Premise? No Problem.

Security is critical, which is why we offer our enterprise customers on-premises capabilities that meet the highest security standards and data protection standards available on the market.


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One Solution to Address the Entire On-Demand Value Chain

Part Screening & Business Cases

Our algorithms calculate optimal on-demand business cases based on your technical criteria, resulting in more value-adding parts.
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Qualification Management

Qualification features suggest suitable materials and production methods that consider all advanced manufacturing technologies.
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Digital Inventory Management

Digital inventory empowers customers to view, order, and distribute parts to internal and external suppliers with real-time pricing.
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Production Quality Management

Quality management tools such as machine connectivity and quality reports 
guarantee consistent, replicable part quality you can trust.
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See What We're Working on at 3YOURMIND

Our customers are innovative, and we work hard to adapt and grow our features and functionalities to keep in step with customers' new and developing requirements.

Want to see what features are in the pipeline?

Check out our product road map, so you know when to expect exciting new features from 3YOURMIND.

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