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Additive Manufacturing strategies for industries


We help industry leaders to scale Additive Manufacturing

Large manufacturing organizations are some of the most complex companies on the planet. Integrating additive manufacturing into your existing production processes is balancing act between process planning, software integrations, data security, company-wide education and lighthouse business cases. But serial additive manufacturing business cases exist - they just need to be found.


Strategies to Overcome Organizational and Functional Challenges

These business cases highlight the reasons that companies in particular industrial sectors should look to grow their additive manufacturing capacity and highlight the key organizational and functional challenges that are specific to each industry. 

Oil and Gas Companies

  • Validated AM Warehouses
  • Distributed Production of Spare Parts
  • Shortened Order to Delivery Time
Business Strategy: Oil and Gas

Defense organizations and suppliers

  • Agile Supply Chain
  • Distributed Manufacturing
  • AM workflow security 
Our solutions for the Military Industry

Railway OEMs, Suppliers and MROs

  • Remanufacturing obsolete parts faster
  • Minimizing stock inventory to reduce warehousing costs
  • Printing parts when and where they're needed to reduce service downtime.
Case Studies: Railway Industry

Aerospace OEMs, Suppliers and MROs

  • Repeatable, Qualified Production
  • Secure Coordination and Quotations
  • Replacement Parts for Aging Equipment
Business Strategy: Aerospace

Automotive OEMs and Tier Suppliers

  • Reduce Component Cost
  • Create Digital Inventories
  • Resilient Supply Chains
Business Strategy: Automotive

Machine and Tool Manufacturers

  • Supply Chain Flexibility
  • Rapid Tooling Applications
  • Optimize Parts in Production
Business Strategy: Machining and Tooling

Medical OEMs and suppliers

  • Data management 
  • Shop-floor automation 
  • Reduce time and production steps
Our solutions for the medical industry