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On-Demand Manufacturing for the Energy Sector

Learn why more energy companies are turning to on-demand manufacturing.

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Scale On-Demand Manufacturing in the Energy Sector

Energy companies have vast networks of aging machines, often in remote locations, making it difficult to get parts as needed without significant revenue loss due to operational downtime.

On-demand manufacturing methods can reduce lead time and improve access to parts by producing them closer to their end-use.

Adopting on-demand manufacturing methods in tandem with software to identify
qualified part business cases and manage a network of approved suppliers provides energy sectors with the resources to keep equipment operational and reduce the financial impact of machine downtime. 

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Increase Your On-Demand Manufacturing ROI

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Strong on-demand use cases represent 50-70% savings over conventional manufacturing.

Experience up to 40% cost reduction in tooling using on-demand production.

Reduce hours spent on on-demand manufacturing projects by 50-70%

Maintain the same level of quality and save time by using software for internal communication and tracking.

Order automation increases on-demand output by 30-40%

Use smart scheduling tools to reduce lead times by 18%.

Increase machine throughput by 130-150%.

Screen parts, tools, and assemblies up to 8x faster.


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