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Additive Manufacturing for Railway

Discover real customer case studies that demonstrate the value of AM

Learn how railway companies are leveraging additive manufacture to: 

  • Save 50-70% more by producing spare parts with AM than current procurement methods.

  • Identify AM use cases whose cost savings are projected to generate more than a $20 million return on investment.

  • Reduce production lead times from two years to just three weeks.

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Why Does Railway Need Additive Manufacturing?

For decades, the railway transportation industry has relied on suppliers to provide maintenance spare parts to keep trains in operation.

However, as time goes on, and suppliers go out of business, there's a vacuum, resulting in manufacturing delays for maintenance spare parts needed to service in-use legacy equipment.

Additive manufacturing helps to address these issues by:

  • Remanufacturing obsolete parts faster without costly casting and tooling methods.

  • Minimizing stock inventory to reduce warehousing costs.

  • Printing parts when and where they're needed to reduce service downtime.
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Our Vision

3YOURMIND enables digital transformation for OEMs’ and end-customers supply chains with an easy-to-use, flexible software solution that's customized to fit your business needs. 

Our centralized digital inventory helps customers identify and qualify parts to accelerate companies' on-demand manufacturing initiatives.

By using 3YOURMIND software, companies can:

  • Avoid operational downtime by building a digital warehouse of AM spare parts that can be manufactured wherever, whenever.

  • Increase products' time-to-market with tools that help engineers produce better parts faster.

  • Build more robust supply chains by reducing production lead time, helping increase efficiency and profit margins. 

  • Gain access to a digital library of 3D printable parts that can be shared securely with suppliers and manufacturers across multiple locations.

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What Industry Leaders Say...


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“Our colleagues are our eyes and ears – without them we can’t identify parts suitable for 3D printing. 

3YOURMIND's AM Part Identifier gives us a simple way to interact with them.”

-Florens Lichte, Head of AM at Deutsche Bahn

“This improved ability for inventory analysis and use case screening will help enhance our cost saving and shorten our lead times dramatically.

We are thrilled to partner with 3YOURMIND and reap the full benefits of additive manufacturing.”


-Laeticia Kirschner, AM Leader at SNCF



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