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Identify and Produce Parts On-Demand

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Your Parts, One Click Away

3YOURMIND's end-to-end on-demand manufacturing solution empowers companies to identify and produce parts when and where they are needed.  Our software analyzes part data to ensure the best business case for on-demand production throughout the entire product lifecycle.


3YOURMIND Helps You Every Step of the Way

Part Screening & Business Cases

Our algorithms calculate optimal on-demand business cases based on your technical criteria, resulting in more value-adding parts.

Discover Part Screening

Qualification Management

Qualification features suggest suitable materials and production methods that consider all advanced manufacturing technologies.

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Digital Inventory Management

Digital inventory empowers customers to 
view, order, and distribute parts to internal and external suppliers with real-time pricing.

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Production Quality Management

Quality management tools such as machine connectivity and quality reports 
guarantee consistent, replicable part quality you can trust.

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Transform Your Business With On-Demand Manufacturing


Create more resilient and sustainable supply chains through decentralized operations.


Up to 30% lower operational costs, including transportation, waste, and physical warehousing costs.


Reduce inventories by up to 75% resulting in fewer stocked parts and less tied-up capital.


Minimize 75% of lost sales by reducing operational downtime and improving overall performance.


Our Scalable Solutions Grow With Your Business

We're proud to serve widespread enterprises and small to medium businesses.

Discover how our software packages can accelerate your on-demand manufacturing operations via intuitive workflows that utilize a continuous data thread.

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