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The core of successful on-demand manufacturing

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Smart factories are using 3D printing software to accelerate their digital transformation

Our enterprise software optimizes end-to-end AM processes for leading companies and 3D print services. Software is the key tool for efficient scheduling and tracking AM processes - from the initial order right through to finished part.

3YOURMIND's automated software suite enables companies to make data-driven production decisions and is on track to become the foundation for genuine Agile Manufacturing.


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The Additive Manufacturing Advantage trusted by Industry Leaders

Before we were coordinating 3D printers in excel files, sending messages that parts are ready via email, we were moving parts to places by hand in order to optimize production processes. Now, we do it all with 3YOURMIND. And what we experienced there is that from one month to the next, just by implementing software that integrates all this: schedules, optimizes and tracks, etc., we were able to nearly double the production.

Jaime Ortiz-Cañavate, Manufacturing and Plant Engineering Manager at Ford Valencia Engine Plant


3YOURMIND works with the leading players in the AM industry with a primary focus on OEMs and Tier system suppliers. These complex organizations, communication and production chains stand to gain the most with optimized and automated systems. The Agile Suite brings value to diverse industries and customer types.

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3YOURMIND Software drives End-to-End AM Workflows

By digitizing workflows, our software standardizes and evaluates AM data, connects teams to production locations, and optimizes machine utilization. We work closely with customers to provide solutions for prototyping, mass-individualization and serial AM. These are the foundations we are putting into place for manufacturing leaders look to scale their AM production.

Agile PLM

Evaluate and Manage AM Data

More Agile PLM Features

Agile ERP

Process and Distribute AM Orders

More Agile ERP Features

Agile MES

Schedule and Track AM Parts

More Agile MES Features


Connectivity and Stability

More About Infrastructure

Integrate 3YOURMIND Software with Existing Production Systems

Additive Manufacturing does not exist in isolation: 3YOURMIND understands that production gets stronger when systems are connected. We put a premium on allowing customization of our software to match existing AM workflows. Our robust API provides direct access for your team to optimize data, while our dedicated project managers have extensive experience in improving AM in some of the largest manufacturers on the planet.


Solid Infrastructure for Additive Manufacturing Processes

3YOURMIND believes that the only way to strengthen additive's role in manufacturing is by creating industry-wide standards. We are working closely with leading organizations to develop these, including umati, DIN, MTConnect, Mobility goes Additive, VDMA, AMUG and America Makes.

We take pride in developing our products entirely in-house, thereby owning all of the code. Our development team is primarily based in Berlin, while our deep-tech squad are in Wrocław. 3YOURMIND also maintains a dedicated DevOps squad that ensures all systems are running smoothly with the highest possible uptime, that updates are installed without any tangible effects on live systems, and that all work is completed to enterprise security standards.

3YOURMIND is building a software to power additive manufacturing for decades to come.

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