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Why On-Demand Manufacturing?

Today, 50% of total manufacturing costs go toward maintaining legacy fleets and equipment.

When a part breaks down, it can take up to two years to cast and re-tool new parts, which requires companies to maintain large part inventories to avoid delays. And companies are feeling the cost.


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From Part Identification to Production –
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3YOURMIND Addresses Manufacturing Pain Points

With more than a decade of manufacturing experience, we intimately understand the production challenges that companies face.

That's why 3YOURMIND strives to deliver on-demand solutions that address manufacturing challenges today while positioning companies for tomorrow's production trends.

Find the Best Use Cases


  • Part Business Case machine learning algorithms calculate cost savings, lead-time, and total cost of ownership to empower companies to pursue the best production business cases.

  • Part Database aggregates part inventory and user input in one database to simplify organization and enhance collaboration.

  • Cost of Ownership functionality calculates downtime, stock avoidance, and manufacturing costs to improve decision-making.
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Qualify Parts Faster


  • 3D Design Viewer allows users to track files and connect to CAD software to manage design iterations and ensure part readiness for on-demand production.

  • Predefined Qualification Workflows ensure parts follow certified processes to produce replicable, quality parts in less time.

  •  Technical Data Package provides a database of qualified materials and production processes enabling companies to produce parts with technology-specific specifications

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Order Parts On-Demand


  • Digital Inventory allows companies to upload and order parts directly from a qualified part catalog.

  • Search and Find parts easily using a digital product catalog via a full-text search, tags, and filters.

  • Pricing Engine simplifies ordering by automating price quotes based on 3D models, labor, and processing. 

  • Connected Suppliers functionality allows companies to manage supplier requests, quotes, orders, and parts in production.
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Streamline Production


  • Digital Shopfloor provides a database of machines and workflows to standardize part production.

  • Material Management tracks material usage to plan purchases and forecast consumption.

  • Job Scheduling allows manufacturing shop floors to connect multiple machines to ensure full production traceability.

  • In-App Quality Control function allows users to utilize mobile devices to document part quality.
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Designed With Your Employees in Mind


Maintenance Repair Operators

We give maintenance repair operators the tools to 
easily submit spare parts for engineer qualification to streamline procurement efforts.

Manufacturing Supply Chain Managers

We empower supply chain managers to create digital inventories that distribute and track parts to qualified suppliers to 
procure parts at the right time and at the right cost.

Additive Manufacturing Experts

We support engineers 
identify, qualify, and develop new and spare parts using advanced technologies to produce better parts faster.

Production Managers

We enable production managers to 
produce the right parts at the right time by maximizing machine utilization and increasing production transparency.

Create Faster, More Resilient Supply Chains With On-Demand Manufacturing

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