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Customer Success Storiesfrom OEMs, AM Suppliers and 3D Print Services.

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Choosing a Strong Partner to Scale your Additive Manufacturing

Spreading additive manufacturing requires streamlined workflows to access internal 3D printers and external AM supplier networks. The workflow software from 3YOURMIND supports some of the largest companies in the world to scale their company’s additive manufacturing.


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When it comes to additive manufacturing, there are many scenarios, depending on the history and strategy of companies and industries, but all lead to success if you have the right software.

We have a customized solution for you, whether it's building a qualified digital inventory, automating the shop floor or optimizing your distributed manufacturing model. Learn about our customers' challenges and the customized solutions we have provided.

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Industry Leader Testimonials from OEM and Tier Suppliers

VW marketplacegkn-mockuppress-prodawys3YOURMIND_Agile-MES_dashboard_12002019-Customer-Spotlight-Erpro_SS2-crp3YOURMIND_Agile-MES_dashboard_1200

Volkswagen Group

The 3D Marketplace helps the Volkswagen Group mobilize its 3D printing capacity across its brands and international locations. Through the digital marketplace, we have become significantly faster in the development and production of 3D printed parts. 3YOURMIND has been an innovative, professional and highly agile partner both in the implementation and further development of the product.

Dr. Thorsten Gläsner
Product Owner 3D Marketplace, Volkswagen AG

GKN instAMetal

We want to use the time we gain through a more efficient ordering process to interact directly with our customers – for dialogue, developing joint strategies and also for individual consulting on complex topics. The time is much better invested in these areas for both our customers and for GKN.

Markus Josten
Global Sales Director Disruptive Technologies & Markets, InstAMetal


Our customers are happier with shorter lead times, and our sales team can focus on the high-value problem solving that will help INITIAL to scale. 3YOURMIND brought experience with integrating their software into other large production environments. Now, our AM workflow syncs with other production structures and allows our customers to quickly and accurately set up their orders.

Raphael Martin-Cocher
Sales Manager INITIAL, a Prodways Group company


The implementation of additive manufacturing software solutions into our production lines has notably increased the company's efficiency. 3YOURMIND supports us with their expert knowledge and their innovative products.

Stefan Bähr
ContiTech Schlauch GmbH


Digitization is key for increasing the performance of our Chanel production line; we will use 3YOURMIND like a global ERP to manage the entire workflow we have here at Erpro.

Cyrille Vue
CEO, Erpro


With the Software from 3YOURMIND we are able to streamline and simplify our complex workflow structure.
That allowed us to spend more time on our core business, such as serving our customers than spending time on administration

Torsten Wolschendorf
Managing Associate, PROTOTEC


AM Success Stories from MRO and Logistic Companies

db-schenker plm_postnord 2019-03_DB-AMPI-identify_graph-1000

DB Schenker

Offering state-of-the-art digital solutions for our customers is a key to success – 3YOURMIND is a great partner for that. By integrating their 3D-printing services into our portfolio we deliver value added services for the supply chains of our customers.

Erik Wirsing
Head of Innovation, DB Schenker


We appreciate 3YOURMIND´s agile approach and rapid development to adapt the platform to our needs and business model. 3YOURMIND´s platform enables automate pricing, order management and customer fulfillment which makes them a partner we can develop with as the 3D business is growing.

Tomas Lundström
3D Business Development Project Manager
PostNord Strålfors

Deutsche Bahn
The reason we chose the AM Part Identifier was to make our operations more efficient. We have a great funnel for filtering employee’s ideas and requests and structuring the information so we can process the data quickly. We want to reduce downtime for our customers, keep all assets in operation, not standing in our maintenance facilities. And that is where AM can help us to achieve this goal.

Florens Lichte
Head of AM, Deutsche Bahn

DB Schenker

Offering state-of-the-art digital solutions for our customers is a key to success – 3YOURMIND is a great partner for that. By integrating their 3D-printing services into our portfolio we deliver value added services for the supply chains of our customers.

Erik Wirsing
Head of Innovation, DB Schenker


Strong Partnerships that build a Streamlined AM Ecosystem



With the help of the AM Part Identifier from 3YOURMIND, the identification of suitable use cases from within Bosch and with external customers is significantly easier.
Bosch Industrial Additive Manufacturing is able to produce small series of industrial plastic parts that combine unique benefits of 3D printing technology and injection molding. The 3YOURMIND software enables us to help find parts that can be produced more quickly, more cost-effectively to introduce additional products to the market by taking advantage of dramatic reduction in lead times from conventional technologies.

Dr. Victor Roman
CEO of Bosch Industrial Additive Manufacturing, a Start-up at grow platform GmbH – A Bosch Company

Machine connectivity and secure data transfer are critical for enabling smooth additive manufacturing production. 3YOURMIND joined as a partner to the umati (universal machine tool interface) organization in August 2019 as a specialist for the efficient organization of AM. The aim of umati is to establish a worldwide standard for simple data transfer between tooling machines, including 3D printing systems and production management software in the frame of Industry 4.0.

Götz Görisch
Chairman of the umati working group,
German Machine Tool Builders‘ Association (VDW)


3YOURMIND solves a huge problem in bringing additive manufacturing to the broad mass. With 3YOURMIND, 3D-data is analysed and optimised for printing in a matter of seconds. This saves a lot of time and money. A tremendous additional benefit for the customers is the direct integration into the CAD programs for streamlined workflows.

DR. Hans Langer
CEO, Electro Optical Systems (EOS)


The integration of the trinckle Design Automation Platform "paramate" into the 3YOURMIND software suite was efficient, well executed and professionally handled. Their experienced DevOps programming team ensured a smooth and reliable cooperation.

Florian Reichle
CEO, trinckle 3D

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