Customer Testimonials

Success stories from companies already using our industrial 3D printing platform to optimize their additive manufacturing processes.

Julia Hartung, Siemens

Julia Hartung

“3D models help us give a detailed impression of our products to potential customers. Involving 3YOURMIND in our work flow allowed us to both produce high-quality models and to broaden our understanding of the possibilities of 3D printing.”

Dr. Hans Langer, EOS GmbH

Dr. Hans Langer (CEO)

“3YOURMIND solves a huge problem in bringing additive manufacturing to the broad mass. With 3YOURMIND, 3D-data is analysed and optimised for printing in a matter of seconds. This saves a lot of time and money. A tremendous additional benefit for the customers is the direct integration into the CAD programs for streamlined workflows.”

Image Source: EOS

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Stefan Bähr

“The implementation of additive manufacturing software solutions into our production lines has notably increased the company's efficiency. 3YOURMIND supports us with their expert knowledge and their innovative products.”

Stefanie Brickwede, Deutsche Bahn

Stefanie Brickwede

“We approached 3YOURMIND because we wanted a detailed architectural model for presentations. They convinced us with their firm and quick handling of this project and their thorough data optimization.”

 Dr. Peter Oberparleiter, GKN Powder Metallurgy

Dr. Peter Oberparleiter

“We want to use the time we gain through a more efficient ordering process to interact directly with our customers – for dialogue, developing joint strategies and also for individual consulting on complex topics. The time is much better invested in these areas for both our customers and for GKN.”

Tobias Matuschek, Dick & Dick Additive Manufacturing

Tobias Matuschek

"We are in good hands with the 3YOURMIND Team. The technical connection to the portal and the communication have been flawless. We look forward using their platform to grow our customer base."

Nico Wohlgemuth, Dayone

Nico Wohlgemuth (CEO)

“During the individualized workshop our team learned all the theoretical basics and benefited from the practical experience of the 3YOURMIND team. It was a full success due to the great atmosphere and friendly way the workshop was presented.”

Jan Marsch, OSM Buildings

Jan Marsch

“I never thought it can be that easy to add 3D Printing functionality to my own 3D Software. The API was very well documented and it only took me half a day to integrate it.”

Association of German Architects (BDA)

Association of German Architects (BDA)

“3YOURMIND is an excellent partner for exhibitions. They handle consulting, project controlling, data optimization to the final printed product. Due to their precise composition and quality, the 3D printed architectural models arbitrate the actual design very well. Working with 3YOURMIND is uncomplicated and efficient, and we value their expertise in 3D printing. Thank you!”

Florian Matzker, O&O Baukunst

Florian Matzker (Architect)

“With 3D printing, you can build very complex and filigree working models at an early stage of your project. They turn out to be very precise and stable and 3YOURMIND helps significantly speed up that process.”