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Find out how companies have decreased production lead time by up to 90%.

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The 3YOURMIND Difference

3YOURMIND works with customers step-by-step to develop sustainable, scalable on-demand manufacturing capabilities.

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With 3YOURMIND, fleet availability and reliability increase as cost-efficiency improves

Create more resilient and sustainable supply chains

to ensure sustaining equipment, de-centralized and making use of advanced technologies.

Decrease inventories by up to 75%

with fewer parts needed in stock

Reduce operational costs by up to 30%

of physical warehouse, transportation, CO2, waste, etc.)

Save 75% of lost sales

due to shorter downtime

What Our Customers Say

"We could not believe it! We are manufacturers, and mechanical engineers, we like to make parts and we usually see software as a solution that not necessarily brings value - usually what brings the benefit is to work harder.

3YOURMIND has opened my eyes to see that excellent and great software are able to eliminate all non-value-adding activities. 

Jaime Ortiz-Cañavate
Manufacturing and Plant Engineering Manager
Ford Valencia Engine Plant

"Wabtec was one of the first companies to introduce a digital warehouse. The idea was to avoid any stoppage of maintenance or breakdown on our customer’s, so we’ve implemented some data acquisition and platforms (like 3YOURMIND) to be able to monitor our stock and to be able to respond quickly when there is an issue".

Henri de Chassey
Spares & Trading / Additive Manufacturing Manager
Wabtec Corporation

SNCF plans to switch 100 references a year from conventional sourcing to additive manufacturing over the next three years. This improved ability for inventory analysis and use case screening will help enhance our cost saving and shorten our lead times dramatically. We are thrilled to partner with 3YOURMIND and reap the full benefits of additive manufacturing.”

Laeticia Kirschner
AM Leader at SNCF


Laying the Groundwork for On-Demand Additive Manufacturing

On-demand manufacturing doesn’t occur overnight;

It requires a synergy between cost justification, production requirements, and meticulous data oversight. 

3YOURMIND supports some of the largest companies in the world to scale their company’s on-demand manufacturing.

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