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Deployment-Ready Manufacturing Solutions for Defense

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3YOURMIND Works With Defense Organizations and Partners

3YOURMIND and Phillips Corps., Federal Division are active partners with U.S. defense programs to modernize production capabilities.


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On-Demand Manufacturing Addresses Critical Needs in Defense


Analyze part inventories for opportunities to remanufacture obsolete parts and equipment using additive manufacturing.


Qualify new parts and components for additive manufacturing to improve part performance and reduce weight.


Consolidate logistics, free up critical storage needs, and reduce production lead times by manufacturing parts in the field.


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“We pushed through about 10,000 line items [through the 3YOURMIND software], which was super impressive, and what was interesting is that we didn’t have to have technical data for all of those 10,000 items to do that.”



- Douglas McCue
AM Program Analyst at U.S. Marine Corps. Advanced Manufacturing Systems 





3D Printing Put to the Test in the War in Ukraine

Since March 2022, 3YOURMIND has worked closely with Poland-based Sygnis S.A. to develop a distributed advanced manufacturing network that utilizes 3D printing.

The initiative leans on 3YOURMIND's expertise as a software provider, enabling critical tasks like part identification, qualification, order management, and production quality. Sygnis S.A. lends its technical expertise to provide resources like equipment and material to Ukrainian aid organizations.

So far, 3D makers worldwide have contributed to the cause. To date, Ukrainian first responders have received over 50,000 donated parts, including components for medical and defense equipment.

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When it comes to crisis response, it's not a matter of 'if' but when.

Defense organizations can prepare for humanitarian or military deployment by building field-use on-demand manufacturing capabilities during peacetime.

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  • 3D Printing and Crisis Response
  • How to Prepare Defense Industries for AM
  • 3D Printing in the War in Ukraine
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