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Are Sustainable Metal 3D Printing Applications Possible?

Blog Devin Culham | April 17, 2024 | 1 min read

Learn how one German research project is exploring whether it's possible to produce metal 3D-printed gas turbines more sustainably.

Sustainability is a hot topic—especially in additive manufacturing. Although there are many implications to suggest that additive manufacturing's capabilities as a point-of-need production method lead to more sustainable outcomes, to date, very little research supports this claim.

High-Temperature Applications 2.0 (or HTA 2.0, for short) is an EU-funded research project examining the product lifecycle development processes required to produce metal 3D-printed gas turbines. The project brings together experts from across industries and research institutions, including household names like Siemens Energy, to evaluate the resources required to produce these exceedingly complex parts and determine which processes contribute to sustainability goals and which work against them.

In this exclusive feature article, experts from Siemens Energy, Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Technology, 3YOURMIND, and Gestalt Robotics discuss their individual and collective goals for the project. The article also explores how research projects like HTA 2.0 can lead the way by creating a blueprint for how big industries can produce parts using additive manufacturing that considers sustainability metrics.

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