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A Step-by-Step Guide to On-Demand Manufacturing


Leverage additive manufacturing to print parts when and where they are needed. In this guide, find out how your company can develop its on-demand manufacturing strategy to build a more robust supply chain.

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3YOURMIND Joins VDMA OPC UA Joint Working Group

Customer Story News

BERLIN, Germany, April 12, 2022– 3YOURMIND is proud to announce its membership in the Joint Working Group (JWG) between VDMA and Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture (OPC UA). 3YOURMIND will join 180 leading companies operating in additive manufacturing to help standardize industry practices.

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3YOURMIND Names Bas de Jong as Chief Commercial Officer

Product Blog News

Berlin, Germany, October 26, 2021 - 3YOURMIND welcomes Bas de Jong as its Chief Commercial Officer. After six years at Ultimaker, a major print manufacturer, he brings his expertise and industry knowledge to the leading additive manufacturing software company.

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3YOURMIND Partners with Carbon to Optimize AM Value Chain

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The new collaboration between Carbon and 3YOURMIND is a major step forward in optimizing the entire AM value chain. 3YOURMIND is excited to announce their partnership with Carbon®, a leading 3D printing technology company. In the AM market, machines will become a crucial commodity over the next few decades, and software will provide the critical competitive edge that helps companies innovate in the design and production space. As manufacturers expand their adoption of IoT (Internet of Things), they must consider back-end machine connectivity platforms and implement workflow solutions that track, monitor, and standardize production. 

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SNCF Benefits Using 3YOURMIND Digital Qualified Inventory

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SNCF embraces 3YOURMIND’s part identification and business case software to manage their digitally qualified inventory and streamline part identification for AM.

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How to Identify AM Parts with Digital Qualified Inventory

Marie Thiebault, Product Manager at 3YOURMIND, presented during the TIPE 3D Printing Conference about how the international spare parts business will be impacted by additive manufacturing. Her presentation received an overwhelming and positive response which has led more industrial manufacturers to reconsider their AM approach. The numbers never lie and Marie’s data is more than compelling, it’s motivating. 

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3YOURMIND and TÜV SÜD collaborate to build a rapid Parts Qualification online tool

Blog Customer Story

2020 is a hard year for everyone. The global crisis came unexpectedly and slowed down most of the companies development around the world. Priority has changed from product development to the producing of medical supplies to support the medical industry. During this time, 3D printing has proven its predominance over traditional manufacturing methods. We were able to supply small batches of newly designed products and iterate them when new developments were made. The biggest challenge was to qualify and certify all of those parts, so they could be used to support the fight against the virus.

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Webinar Replay: Building a Digital AM Warehouse (with EOS)

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3D printing is already used by more than 50% of companies, but there is still a minority who require a robust software solution. The companies who have reached this milestone need a digital solution to manage the large volume of orders and access levels throughout their organization. Brian Crotty will provide an overview of specific signs that your company has reached a scale or level of complexity that requires a digital structure. He will also detail why enterprise companies are opting for the competency center model and how to transition from smaller production streams into a focused management solution that is accessible to the entire company.

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3YOURMIND Expands Machine Connectivity With Ultimaker


At formnext 2019, 3YOURMIND displayed running machine connectivity with ultimaker machines. Over the past years ultimaker has been an increasingly interesting player for producing jigs, tooling and assembly aids. Brian Crotty, Marketing Manager at 3YOURMIND will show how simple the connectivity is to configure, the types of information that can be received from the machines and what direct advantages that transparency provides to distributed production.

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Webinar Replay: How will Erpro optimize AM production for 17 million parts?


One of the most visible serial applications in additive manufacturing is Erpro Group’s 3D Factory who have produced more than 17 million 3D printed mascara brushes for Chanel. In 2020, they plan to double or triple the number of serial production lines they run - but without significantly increasing manpower. To hit that goal, they are putting tools in place to optimize their production lines. Most important will be reducing the number of manual steps and moving to a digital, paperless workflow.

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