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Why One of the World's Largest Railway Companies Uses 3YOURMIND

Customer Story

Wabtec uses 3YOURMIND software to identify part candidates for additive manufacturing.

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How to Leverage Digital Warehousing for the Railway Industry


Find out why railway experts from Alstom and Wabtec are betting big on digital warehousing

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How Railway Companies Benefit From Additive Manufacturing

Customer Story

Read case studies to see how 3YOURMIND customers are leveraging additive manufacturing for the railway industry.

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Interview: Deutsche Bahn’s Head of AM Shares Post-Covid Vision


The COVID-19 disrupted global industry, including additive manufacturing. In this interview, learn what Deutsche Bahn's head of AM, Florens Lichte, envisions for the post-COVID future.

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Create Faster, More Resilient Supply Chains With On-Demand Manufacturing

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