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Why One of the World's Largest Railway Companies Uses 3YOURMIND

Customer Story 3YOURMIND | June 27, 2024 | 2 min read

Wabtec uses 3YOURMIND software to identify part candidates for additive manufacturing.

Wabtec, one of the largest railway companies globally with over 27,000 employees and an $8 billion turnover, is leveraging cutting-edge technology to address a critical issue in the railway industry: spare parts delivery. Henri de Chassey, responsible for obsolescence management at Wabtec, explains how the company is tackling this challenge with innovative solutions.

In a new video testimonial, de Chassey highlights the unique demands of the railway sector, where trains' lifecycles can span 35 to 50 years. Ensuring the availability of spare parts over such extended periods is vital, as a single day of train downtime can cost up to €200,000. To mitigate these risks, Wabtec has partnered with 3YOURMIND, a leader in additive manufacturing software, to streamline its supply chain processes.

The collaboration has resulted in a robust tool that provides immediate feedback on the printability of parts. This rapid assessment capability supports Wabtec’s supply chain, production, and purchasing teams by offering crucial information on materials, lead times, costs, and applicable technologies. The advantages of this system are substantial, including an 80% reduction in production lead times, the ability to print the right quantity at the right time, and significant stock reduction. This transformation allows Wabtec to meet customer demands efficiently with just-in-time parts production.

Moreover, the integration of this platform has fostered partnerships and streamlined the certification process for 3D-printed parts. By testing parts on their own test benches and ensuring they meet railway standards, Wabtec is poised to extend this platform to its customers and suppliers. The ultimate goal is to create a seamless railway ecosystem, digitizing all supply chain information in one location and driving a lean, Industry 4.0 process.

Watch the full video to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the transformative power of additive manufacturing, paired with 3YOURMIND’s time-saving software, is revolutionizing traditional industries. 

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