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Need Parts? Here's How to Get Spare Parts Fast

Blog 3YOURMIND | April 12, 2023 | 5 min read

Do you need help getting spare parts to operate or manufacture equipment? In this article, learn tactics for getting spare parts faster.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are tasked with ensuring that their products function seamlessly and without any complications. To achieve this, they need a reliable supply chain for spare parts. A breakdown in the supply chain can result in product downtime, significantly impacting a company's reputation and bottom line.

Here are some ways OEMs can get spare parts fast:

Maintain accurate inventory records: OEMs should record all the spare parts they need for their products. They should know each part's quantity, location, and lead time. This information can help them quickly identify parts that need replenishment and ensure they have enough in stock to meet demand.

Partner with reliable suppliers: OEMs should work with reliable suppliers who can quickly provide quality spare parts. They should look for suppliers with a good track record of delivering parts on time and who have a good reputation in the industry.

Implement an efficient ordering process: OEMs should have a well-defined process for ordering spare parts. This process should be simple, efficient, and easy to follow. It should allow them to quickly and accurately place orders, track shipments, and receive invoices.

Use technology: Technology can help OEMs efficiently manage their spare parts inventory and ordering process. They can use manufacturing software programs to track inventory levels, automate ordering, and receive alerts when parts need replenishing. They can also use technology to track the shipment of parts and receive real-time updates on delivery status.

Have a backup plan: Despite all efforts, there may be situations where OEMs face unexpected delays in receiving spare parts. In such cases, it is crucial to have a backup plan in place. An on-demand manufacturing strategy can empower OEMs to produce or procure spare parts faster, with less production lead time and closer to their end-use.

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Leveraging On-Demand Manufacturing as a Spare Parts Solution

On-demand manufacturing, which leverages additive technology, is a revolutionary method to help OEMs get spare parts quickly and only in the required quantities.

Here's how on-demand manufacturing can assist OEMs:

Faster Production

On-demand manufacturing, using additive technology, can produce spare parts faster than traditional manufacturing methods. This is because the technology does not require tooling or molds, which can take a long time to produce. Instead, the 3D printer builds the part layer by layer, allowing quicker turnaround times.



Additive manufacturing can produce spare parts customized to meet the specific needs of the OEM. This is because the technology can produce parts with intricate designs that may not be possible with traditional manufacturing methods. OEMs can also modify the part's design quickly and easily, allowing them to make changes as needed.


Reduced Cost

Additive manufacturing can be more cost-effective than traditional manufacturing methods for producing spare parts, especially for low-volume production runs. The technology eliminates the need for tooling and molds, reducing the upfront costs associated with production.


Reduced Inventory

With additive manufacturing, OEMs can produce spare parts on demand, eliminating the need for extensive spare parts inventories. This can help reduce inventory costs and minimize the risk of obsolete inventory.


Increased Sustainability

Additive manufacturing is a more sustainable manufacturing method than traditional methods. The technology produces less waste and uses fewer materials, making it more environmentally friendly.

2022 3YOURMIND - digital inventory of parts

With 3YOURMIND, OEMs can build digital inventories of 3D printable parts.

3YOURMIND Helps Companies Get Spare Parts Faster

3YOURMIND is an on-demand manufacturing software that empowers companies to identify and produce parts when needed. OEMs, operating companies, and contract manufacturers can create digital inventories of qualified parts to reduce costs, shorten production lead times, and secure more efficient and agile operations.

3YOURMIND addresses companies' current needs to produce spare parts quickly while enabling advanced manufacturing technologies and data-driven decision-making to create new parts faster, lighter, and with cost-saving potential.

3YOURMIND infographic on demand manufacturing platform

Here's how:

Part Screening and Business Cases – Our algorithms calculate optimal on-demand business cases based on your technical criteria, resulting in more value-adding parts.

Qualification Management – Qualification features suggest suitable materials and production methods considering all advanced manufacturing technologies.

Digital Inventory Management – Digital inventory empowers customers to view, order, and distribute parts to internal and external suppliers with real-time pricing.

Production Quality Management Quality management tools such as machine connectivity and quality reports guarantee consistent, replicable part quality you can trust.

Overall, 3YOURMIND provides a complete digital solution for OEMs to manage and produce spare parts faster and more efficiently using 3D printing technology.

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