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Maintenance Engineer's Guide to On-Demand Manufacturing

Blog Devin Culham | January 16, 2023 | 2 min read

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Maintenance engineers are tasked with a difficult job. Juggling maintenance procedures, getting access to parts, and repairing equipment are just a few tasks that maintenance repair operators and engineers are responsible for. However, several processes must be synchronized for these actions to occur seamlessly.

Unfortunately, when out of alignment, they can severely delay maintenance schedules.

Timing scheduled maintenance requires a thorough understanding of maintenance procedures to know exactly when equipment needs to be serviced – and not a moment sooner. In addition, out-of-service equipment can reduce operational capacity, which, if prolonged, can significantly impact revenue generation and service operations.

Fortunately, on-demand manufacturing can address common pain points experienced by maintenance engineers.Maintenance eBookDownload Free eBook

How Can On-Demand Manufacturing Help Maintenance Engineers?

With on-demand manufacturing, maintenance engineers can:
  • Alleviate part procurement headaches by identifying opportunities to produce parts on-demand.

  • Use data and visual aids to determine when equipment needs to be serviced.

  • Build digital part catalogs to produce parts in-house or through a network of approved suppliers.

  • Substantially reduce spare part production lead time from months to days.

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In this guide, discover how companies are capitalizing on on-demand manufacturing technology to:
  • Assess more parts for on-demand production 75% faster than traditional qualification methods. 

  • Discover thousands of on-demand parts with strong economic use cases.

  • Build digital part catalogs with over 70,000 searchable parts.

  • Capture up to $20M in projected ROI by producing parts on-demand.
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