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Produce Parts On-Demand

Access high-quality parts in less time with on-demand manufacturing

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Unlock the Secret to Consistent Part Quality

Producing consistent, high-quality parts on demand is more complex than buying bigger and better machines. 

It isn't easy to control part quality without a consistent data stream powered by integrated software and machine connectivity. Without integrated software, organizations can incur high error rates and expensive, low-volume production rates.

3YOURMIND can increase production capacity by transforming manual processes into automated digital workflows.

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Produce Better Parts Faster



  • Improve production rate by manufacturing 95% of parts right the first time.

  • Double production capacity by increasing machine utilization equipment by 75%.

  • Work smarter, not harder, by reducing the number of manual production steps by up to 50%.



  • Track production parts and data more easily with user-friendly software. 

  • Optimize production distribution by leveraging a network of reliable suppliers.

  • Produce a larger quantity of high-quality parts more confidently. 

Production Quality Management Features

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3YOURMIND Connects the Entire On-Demand Value Chain

Quickly Qualify Parts for On-Demand

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