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Order Parts With Digital Inventory Management

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Streamline Your Part Supply Chain
With Digital Inventory

Get your part faster with 3YOURMIND digital inventory. 

With current processes, OEMs and suppliers wait weeks, or even months, to get parts to repair legacy equipment. For critical industries such as railway, defense, and energy, unplanned downtime due to part delays costs more than money – it impacts lives.

With 3YOURMIND digital inventory, view, order, and distribute parts for production via a network of internal and external suppliers. Supported by real-time pricing functionality, companies can shorten lead times to get parts when and when they're needed.

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  • Get parts up to 90% faster by producing parts on-demand.

  • Reduce unplanned downtime costs by up to millions per incident.

  • Free up stock costs by up to millions annually

  • Get parts 40% cheaper resulting in $10 million in direct costs savings



  • Greater transparency, less frustration, more motivation.

  • One centralized platform to simplify communication into a single tool.

  • Easy-to-use, user-centric platform.

  • Simplify procurement processes with a strong ecosystem of suppliers.

Digital Inventory Management Features


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