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Identify Parts for On-Demand Manufacturing

Focus on the right parts with the best business cases.

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Spend Less Time Finding Parts and More Time Producing Them

Not all parts are suitable for advanced technologies – but the right on-demand parts can provide powerful benefits.

Most organizations' ERP and PLM systems contain valuable data that demonstrate excellent business cases for on-demand manufacturing. The biggest challenge is knowing how to find them.

Even for the most highly qualified and steadfast engineers, finding the right use cases for on-demand manufacturing can take months of analysis. And that's if you know what parts to look for.

3YOURMIND's algorithms enable teams to thoroughly review part inventories based on technical and economic criteria to obtain a final report of ready-to-use parts.

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Give Your Team the Right Tools for On-Demand Production



  • Generate value faster by spending up to 90% less time screening parts.

  • Teams collaborate on parts, not emails.



  • Spread advanced technologies knowledge and gain more advocates.

  • Gain more confidence to justify business cases.

Part Identification and Business Case Features

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In the Market for an EOS Machine? Find Parts With 3YOURMIND

EOS North America's Additive Minds has partnered with 3YOURMIND to enable customers to realize their full potential in additive and distributed manufacturing.

Through this partnership, you’ll gain access to software that’s specifically tailored for both your business and your EOS machines.

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