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Part Qualification Management

Streamline part qualification to access on-demand parts faster than ever before.

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Qualify Parts Faster for On-Demand

On-demand manufacturing isn't just a matter of knowing which parts to produce – it's also how to produce them. 

3YOURMIND offers material suggestions and manufacturing guidelines to aid the qualification process so engineers can validate more parts faster.

The software also provides technical feedback, demonstrating areas where the part meets manufacturing criteria and aspects that may require re-engineering, helping engineers better prioritize part validation.

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See How Much Time You Can Save Qualifying Parts


Qualified Parts Sent to Your Digital Inventory Automatically


  • Qualify more parts with 50% fewer manual steps.

  • Improve efficiency with 80% faster part qualification.


  • Build your digital inventory with qualified parts to produce parts on demand.

  • Dual qualify parts for greater part usage.

Qualification Management Features

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