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Stand With Ukraine Platform

Bringing 3D Printed Parts to Ukraine

The additive manufacturing community is mobilizing to provide medical and protective equipment to aid the territorial defense of Ukraine.

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We're Stronger Together

In collaboration with TeenCrunch and Sygnis S.A., 3YOURMIND is supporting the ‘Tech Against Tanks’ initiative to hekp Ukrainian defense and humanitarian efforts in response to the ongoing Russian military invasion in Ukraine.

Members of TeenCrunch have received messages from NGOs in Ukraine and other institutions reporting missing equipment.

The ‘Tech Against Tanks’’ project database platform supports the production and distribution of 3D-printed medical, tactical and protective equipment from professional additive production hubs and local makers across Poland, Germany, and Ukraine. 

Based on our experience during the COVID-19 crisis, 3YOURMIND quickly set up a platform to distribute the production of parts across Poland, Germany, and Ukraine to professional production centers.


Roles and Actions

  • Sygnis S.A. is responsible for qualifying AM parts, sourcing production equipment, and preparing production instructions in Polish, Ukrainian, and English.
  • 3YOURMIND is responsible for building a digital inventory and distributing parts within the maker community and professional hubs.
  • Large logistic companies are responsible for transporting parts to Ukraine in coordination with the Polish military.

Submit Parts

  • 3D printers in Ukraine are ready to produce parts on the battlefield for military, police, and civilian use. The goal is to produce high-end parts in Poland and distribute them to Ukraine.
  • If you have 3D file parts that can be useful for Ukraine, submit your part to the platform. 
  • Sygnis S.A. will qualify and approve parts, publish them, and make them available to the international maker community or to specialized production hubs.
  • All produced parts should be shipped to:
    Sygnis SA
    Żwirki i Wigury 101
    02-089 Warszawa
    postscript: Ukraine-TechAgainstTanks



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