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Finbo project connecting two languages

Basics of coding are introduced at ever earlier ages in schools today. The microcontrollers from Arduino are a gateway technology into the world of programming but due to the small size of motherboards, operation is extremely difficult for blind people. This is where the Finbo Project steps in, helping blind students to use Arduinos by combining high-tech 3D printing and the Braille language.

Download 3D model

On a board, users can “read” the number of each Arduino channel and use a guidance path to connect jumper cables to the correct pins. Our research identified the biggest challenge in connecting these correctly to avoid damage to the circuit board.


The design process for the board in the Finbo project was performed in close cooperation with Dipl. Ing. Tankielun - a computer scientist at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology who conducts programming classes as a blind person himself. Using open-source 3D modelling software, the project’s product file will be publicly available in the future to print on standard FDM printers for immediate use without removal of support structures and sized for standard printer dimensions.

Download 3D model

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