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Agile Manufacturing Software Suite End-to-End Workflow Automation.

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A Complete Solution for Efficient AM Processes

The Agile Manufacturing Software Suite is designed to be the core of the future of responsive, automated manufacturing. It provides the foundations for a seamless end-to-end process and to maintain the greatest level of efficiency possible.

Our software has been developed with these key principles in mind. By prioritizing data at every step - from standardization to optimization to automation - 3YOURMIND puts you in the position to make additive manufacturing a success story for your business.


Powerful Software Products for each Stage of AM Production

3YOURMIND is enabling Agile Manufacturing with a software suite that standardizes, optimizes and automates the entire AM process chain. Our software is available in modules that scale.


Agile PLM Evaluate and Store AM Data

The Agile PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) has modules to evaluate and store AM data in order to synchronize files, production requirements and communication throughout the AM value chain. These tools ensure that your team is working with the right parts for AM and always has the most current file versions and part information to standardize AM production.

  • Digital Part Inventory
  • P.R.E.P. Consulting for AM Part Identification
  • Use Case Screening
  • Inventory  Analysis
  • Centralized Data Storage
  • Printability Analysis
  • Orientation Optimization
  • CAD Integrations
  • API Integrations

Agile ERP Automatically Manage AM Processes

In order to add automation into how AM business processes are managed across distributed production networks, you need a smart software tool like the Agile ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Your team receives a toolset for order intake and customer management that is specific to the AM process. All part data that is required for production from part requirements, material selections, technology decisions and post-processing requirements are communicated to production locations by software as complete, ready-to-produce orders.

This optimized information flow is an important milestone on the road to full production automation.

  • Custom Part Requirements
  • Material and Technology Comparison
  • Accurate Part Pricing
  • Digital Communication Streams
  • Automatic Order Management
  • Distributed Manufacturing Networks
  • Business Analytics

Agile MES Schedule and Track AM Parts

If you want machine utilization optimization and improved AM quality assurance, you need a smooth, digital production workflow. The Agile MES (Manufacturing Execution System) increases transparency and speeds up the information flow with automatic tracking and prediction algorithms to make engineers more effective.

When you are ready to scale, you need to move manual processes into agile production streams. You simply accomplish more.

  • Custom AM Workflows
  • Smart Part Prioritization
  • Digital Production Planning
  • Part Sequence Tracking
  • Production Sheet Generation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Machine Connectivity
  • Data Standardization

Robust Software Infrastructure

A successful partnership demands more than just a strong product. Our team has worked with some of the biggest names in manufacturing to provide strong cloud solutions and to deploy our software into existing IT ecosystems. We also have a dedicated DevOps team to ensure software stability and support on-premises installations. Our team delivers professional support that helps your team maximize AM from user training to IT support and software customization.

  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Services & Customization
  • Support & Trainings
  • Consulting
  • Enterprise-Level Security
  • Industry Standards
  • API Connection

Integrate with Existing Production Processes

Additive doesn’t exist in isolation. AM processes need to communicate with other software systems, provide quality assurance, and work in the highest security environments. In order to support enterprise production, we ensure that our software is built to integrate. We support complex on-premises installations and provide a well documented API to send order information, optimized 3D files, tracking information and production data to a company’s existing enterprise software.

We understand how to deploy our software into these critical environments and include a change management process to synchronize with your company’s way of work.


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