Webinar Replay: When do AM Competency Centers Need 3D Printing Software

AM Webinar Session #3.2

Brian Crotty | April 24, 2020 | 1 min read
3D printing is already used by more than 50% of companies, but there is still a minority who require a robust software solution. The companies who have reached this milestone need a digital solution to manage the large volume of orders and access levels throughout their organization. Brian Crotty will provide an overview of specific signs that your company has reached a scale or level of complexity that requires a digital structure.

He will also detail why enterprise companies are opting for the competency center model and how to transition from smaller production streams into a focused management solution that is accessible to the entire company.

When do AM Competency Centers Need 3D Printing Software

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Yes. I'm going to talk about a refocus that 3YOURMIND has been noticing in the industry also over the past couple of years, but really, especially over this last year, which is what we're calling the AM Competency Center model or what's also often known as the center of excellence model and what advantages you get, from taking this type of a model, why this is a particularly good model for enterprise organizations, and what advantage does software bring in that constellation for actually getting to a higher acceptance of 3D Printing.

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