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Webinar Replay: How will Erpro optimize AM production for 17 million parts?

AM Webinar Session #1.2

Video Marie Thiébault | April 2, 2020 | 2 min read

One of the most visible serial applications in additive manufacturing is Erpro Group’s 3D Factory who have produced more than 17 million 3D printed mascara brushes for Chanel. In 2020, they plan to double or triple the number of serial production lines they run - but without significantly increasing manpower. To hit that goal, they are putting tools in place to optimize their production lines. Most important will be reducing the number of manual steps and moving to a digital, paperless workflow.

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The goal of today’s meeting is to introduce how ERPRO is managing one of the biggest use cases in the world, which is the mascara brush for CHANEL. They could already use more than 17 million of parts. That means 1 million of parts per month. Of course, it's challenging in term of production and in term of digitalization. So the idea is to steer away from the MES product itself, and we would like to give you some high level and some focus on the findings we found together. So let's start with the agenda that we propose today.
After a quick presentation of the both companies, we would like to give you some insight on the the mascara brush project and after we'd like to focus on three main challenges we identified with ERPRO and where digitalization is highly needed.
First one, of course, is the dynamic planning management. Second one is about the quality control, we're talking about the quality of the parts and also the quality of the powder. And last one is the maintenance of the machines and different levels of maintenance that have to be put in place.
So we will finish to give you a vision of what is still needed to be done.

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