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3D FRIDAY Talk Show

The reality of 3D Printing


The ultimate virtual guide to accelerate your digital transformation with additive manufacturing

Special edition for the anniversary of the 3D FRIDAY TALK SHOW
Look no further, we bring you 1 year of condensed knowledge with the best insights to strengthen your AM journey.

After 12 episodes of discussions with major players from different sectors, we have to celebrate this anniversary and for this occasion, we have summarized and structured the key points to build the ultimate guide to AM.

We've highlighted the top AM challenges and their solutions to give you the best practices to accelerate your digital transformation.

In this 45-60 minute interactive webinar, we will discuss the top three challenges and solutions we identified in recent episodes of the 3D Friday Talk Show:

1. What is missing to find AM potential

2. The supply chain resilience

3. Security in additive manufacturing 


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