3YOURMIND is Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Software to optimize, standardize and automate AM workflows. We are moving the world to Agile Manufacturing.


Our Mission

Revolutionize manufacturing by creating the world’s best, simplest and most innovative platforms for industrial 3D production to enable better products, vehicles, and machines. We envision a world of Agile Manufacturing.


Company Founded

The Spin-off from TU Berlin processed the first sales on their online 3D Marketplace.

Seed Investment Round

AM Ventures leads round based on a customer list including Siemens Energy, Deutsche Bahn and Continental. AM Services office opens in Poland.

Core Platforms Released

Launch of Enterprise Platform to manage 3D Production Workflows and eCommerce Platform for 3D Print Services. Sales office opens in US.

Series A Investment Round

Led by Unternehmertum Venture Capital, $12M round fuels expansion throughout Europe and US. Sales offices open in Munich, Paris, and New York.

Agile Manufacturing

3YOURMIND pushes forward their vision for a world based on Agile Manufacturing (Customer-centric, On-demand Prodution).

About The Company

3YOURMIND provides platforms to streamline industrial 3D printing for innovative companies and 3D print services. Our platforms enable our customers to use the technologies to their utmost potential. The digital 3D workflows connect teams and production locations, optimize resource utilization and enable smart AM production decisions. Our on-demand AM services provides the additional expertise your company needs to expand additive manufacturing throughout your organization from CAD modeling to part optimization to 3D technology recommendations.

We work closely with our clients to optimize their AM workflow and increase their adoption of Additive Manufacturing. Our platforms are creating the pathways that will move the world into the next generation of manufacturing - Agile Manufacturing.

Our Team

The company is headquartered in Berlin for programming, project management, marketing and sales. Our AM Services division is headquartered in Wroclaw, Poland. We have additional Sales and Project Management offices in Munich, Paris, New York and San Francisco. The team of 45+ people is composed of experts with years of experience in the additive manufacturing industry as well as young innovative talents. Our employees come to us from around the world to be engaged in the creative and open company culture.

Join Our Team

3YOURMIND Management

3YOURMIND has become recognized among as the leading experts in the field of additive manufacturing. Their digital management software and streamlined processes have already been adopted by top AM companies around the world.

Industrial 3D printing applications have moved from prototypes to functional products. To lead this revolution in manufacturing, we need to optimize, automate and connect processes.
Stephan Kuehr
(Founder, CEO)
Our customers are leveraging our platforms for on-demand AM throughout their organizations. Our 3D ecosystem of service providers will become an indispensable part of the Factory of the Future.
Aleksander Ciszek
(Founder, CEO)
I am convinced that adding the integration of AM machines within 3YOURMIND’s comprehensive software will be the solution the AM industry needs to make the step from individual prototyping to advanced industrialization and reliable serial-batch production.
Stefan Ritt
(Head of Global Marketing)
We have an inside look at the future of AM. All the lessons we learn completing custom projects for forward thinking companies feed directly into our next software development cycle.
Felix Bauer
(VP of Engineering)
Our on-demand 3D design, model optimization, and AM experts ensure that our customers have all the knowledge they need to move smoothly into this new era of agile manufacturing.
Boleslaw Telesinski
(Head of AM Services)


German Innovation Prize

The Berlin based 3YOURMIND GmbH was awarded the 2016 German Innovation prize in the start-up category, competing against a large number of competitors. 3YOURMIND convinced the high-caliber competition jury with its internet based platform to allows companies to automate the optimization of 3D models for production and instantly compare cost and delivery options from professional 3D printing service providers.

Germany - The Land of Ideas

The 3YOURMIND GmbH, with their concept "3D printing service for industry and architecture" was one of the 2015 award winners for the Germany-wide Innovation Competition for "Recognized Excellent Locations in the Land of Ideas". 3YOURMIND placed their 3D printing software as a key tool for simplifying industrial production and distributed commerce for "City, Country, Network! Innovations for a digital world".

Our Partnerships

3YOURMIND values strong partnerships with the companies and organizations who share their common goal: initiating a revolution in manufacturing using 3D printing.

Let’s talk about how our platforms are paving the way for the next generation of Agile Manufacturing.

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