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Company Overview

3YOURMIND develops 3D printing software solutions for enterprise businesses and 3D printing services to access internal and external printing capacities and develop efficient workflow processes.

Their enterprise 3D software is being used by DAX 30 companies, leading 3D print service providers and forward thinking businesses around the world. The platform provides instant analysis of printability, pricing and delivery time to guarantee a quality 3D print, every time.

EOS 3D Printers

Bildquelle: EOS

3YOURMIND has experienced significant growth since its founding in 2013. The company began as a spin-off from the Technical University of Berlin. Three years later, they have over 35 employees at their headquarters in Berlin, a location in Wrocław (Poland) for CAD engineering and 3D production and a third location in San Francisco to oversee US sales. Their most recent investment round was led by Dr. Hans Langer (Founder and CEO of EOS GmbH, Europe's largest 3D printing manufacturer).

Their innovative software solution was recognized with two prestigious awards in 2016, the German Innovation Award and the formnext Startup Challenge. 3YOURMIND continues to attract attention as their software speeds up the adoption of 3D printing technology for businesses worldwide.

Our Team

1 revolutionary idea, 3 influential locations, 35 creative souls: 3YOURMIND's team is composed of experts with years of experience in the additive manufacturing industry as well as young innovative talents. Our employees come from around the world to be engaged in the creative and open company culture.

Individual responsibility, flat hierarchy and the possibility to make a large impact in the company's projects are more then just theory, they are woven into our daily practice. The employees in all 3YOURMIND locations, Berlin, Wrocław, and San Francisco are working towards a common goal: becoming the software infrastructure for 3D printing, worldwide.

Berlin Berlin
San Francisco San Francisco
Wroclaw Wrocław


In 2013, the co-founders of 3YOURMIND, Stephan Kühr, Aleksander Ciszek and Tobias Wunner built one of the original consumer 3D Printers. The possibility to produce new objects from computer 3D model would become the basis of their company. 

Their impact on business and their novel approach for implementing their solutions have not gone unnoticed. In 2016 they were awarded the German Innovation Prize and the formnext Startup Challenge Award (leading Europe trade show for production machinery and processes). Because they place such an emphasis on the quality of their output and partners they work with, they have quickly become the go-to entry point professional 3D printing. They are now known as the leading experts in the field of software solutions for additive manufacturing.

Stephan Kühr

Stephan Kühr


The spread of consumer 3D printing brought the technology to the public eye, but to create a revolution in manufacturing we need software solutions to make it simple, reliable and connected!

Aleksander Ciszek

Aleksander Ciszek


We are experiencing a rapid shift in the way manufacturing occurs, and the early adopters are already beginning to reap the rewards of a streamlined design and production process.

Philipp Stelzer

Philipp Stelzer

(Director of Sales and Marketing)

An awareness of the raw potential of 3D printing is everywhere, but the tools to implement those changes in production workflows are still in their infancy. 3YOURMIND is the link to realize that capacity.

Felix Bauer

Felix Bauer

(VP of Engineering)

Building software that anticipates the future is our primary task. We work in daily collaboration with clients to adapt to our product to capture the possibilities of 3D printing technology.


We have an inside look at the future of additive manufacturing. All the lessons we learn completing custom projects for forward thinking companies feed directly into our next software development cycle.

Boleslaw Telesinski

Boleslaw Telesinski

(Director of AM Services)



The headquarters of 3YOURMIND is in Berlin, in the Charlottenburg Innovation Center connected to the Technical University of Berlin. The incubator is the home for a variety of innovative young start ups and established companies that are exchanging the business ideas that will define the futureand development of business ideas. It is also home to our in-house 3D printing lab.


The founders of 3YOURMIND

3YOURMIND Team Members

3YOURMIND Team members


German Innovation Prize

3YOURMIND Innovationspreis

The Berlin based 3YOURMIND GmbH won the 2016 German Innovation prize. The company took the start-up category, competing against a large number of competitors.

3YOURMIND convinced the high-caliber competition jury with its internet based platform that allows companies to automate the optimization of 3D models for products and instantly compare production options from professional 3D printing service providers.

Deutschland - The Land of Ideas

Land der Ideen

Land der IdeenThe 3YOURMIND GmbH, with their concept "3D printing service for industry and architecture" was one of the 2015 award winners for the Germany-wide Innovation Competition for "Recognized Excellent Locations in the Land of Ideas". 

For the theme: "City, Country, Network! Innovations for a digital world" they delivered the project under the category industry and commerce as an answer to the challenge, describing how their 3D printing software will simplify architectural and industrial production.


3YOURMIND works closely with strong partners who share a common goal: Initiating a revolution through 3D printing.

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